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Mobilising society to respond to child abuse

By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2019 10:18 pm

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Dimapur, Nov. 30 (EMN): A two-day workshop to identify and respond to child abuse in Nagaland concluded on November 30 in Dimapur. The event was organised by the Nagaland Development Outreach (NDO) and Nagaland Alliance for Children and Women Rights (NACWR) and Dimapur Childline at the Aida in Dimapur.
Summing up on the programme’s deliberations, the way forward that was envisaged was that the NGOs should establish and maintain regular communication with churches and share information, including reports, case studies and education material on child protection.

During the group discussion on expectation and strengthening of identifying and responding to child abuse was that they should sustained awareness on child protection issues through the platforms of church, educational institutions and through government involvement.

During the discussion they decided to equip the members working with children, who are conversant on the particular area, skills and awareness to keep children safe through continual education and training.

At the workshop they discussed on effort and achievement of the NGOs and to achieve their goal they should rescue children from all abusive situation and leaving them with the concerned authority and even rehabilitation for children in need of care and protection.

On the second day, they discussed on how NGOs and church can go hand-in-hand and persuade the people to act against the child abuse. They believed that it would be helpful if the church establish Sunday school where common language is spoken and engage a full time counsellors or psychiatrists in the church which is not just limited to spiritual realm.

At the workshop on identifying and responding to child abuse in Nagaland they discussed that they should build partnerships with government, churches and other faith communities and networks as well as alliances to promote children’s rights and to accelerate and intensify collective efforts.

On the implementation of all child related issues, they should set-up professional counselling centre in the district and good coordination and networking should be initiated by the government with the NGOs and churches.

NGOs should act as a facilitator in collaborating with the government in spreading awareness on the issue with various government departments, civil society, church bodies, law enforcement, village level, church level etc.

By EMN Updated: Nov 30, 2019 10:18:02 pm
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