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Mobile/tablet Repairing Enterprise – Assured Returns

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2016 12:01 am

By Ricky Ozukum

At a time where technology is evolving incessantly, the Mobile phone industry is advancing rapidly in order to keep up with the fast-paced evolution. Ever since mobile phones or smart phones, as they are now referred to,came into existence over 30 years ago, have assisted in accelerating progress and improving communication between multiple parties over the years. According to recent statistics and reports, the smart phone market has grown globally by up to 13% over the second quarter of 2015, and is anticipated to continue with the growth in the years to come. Aiding this growing need and demand for mobile phones is another booming sector, the Mobile Repairing Industry. These are the third-party players supporting the mobile phone market through its post sales services and expanding their reach manifold over the past few years. With eight billion worldwide mobile phone users and ever growing mobile handset market, the demand for service centers is in great demand. Venturing into this business will take you to an assured-returned business.
It is not difficult to start your own enterprise on mobile repair and services. You can always start at a small level. The money required to set up a repairing shop is very low. There is no need to get into long-term formalities and planning for the same. Just a basic level of preparation and the mobile servicing business is ready towards its first set-up. And of course the first thing you need is to get trained yourself.
There are several institution and vocational training centers in NE which impart training on mobile repairing. Most of these trainings are Govt. sponsored programmes, so you need not need pay any fees. The eligibility criteria are quite basic in nature. You don’t need to be a degree holder or technician to join this course. Anyone can get himself enrolled in this course; be it a student, professional or unemployed. You can easily learn how to repair smart phones, androids and other handsets. There are 3-5 month long courses for mobile/Smartphone repair. There are institutions which offer advanced courses for longer durations. This course does not need knowledge of English and finds a lot of takers. Many students learn repairing work with the purpose to set up their own units later.
After completing these courses, students can easily earn up to Rs 30,000 a month. A well trained person can easily earn up to Rs 50,000 as there is no shortage of work in any part of India. Mobile manufacturing companies give maximum employment opportunity to the students who are trained in mobile technology, as reputed mobile manufacturing companies do not want to lose their customers and hence they establish their own service centers in almost every town and city. You can also join authorized centre, company or distributor as per your choice. You will also find several mobile phone repair institutes offering placement services to the students.
I have visited almost all the major towns in Nagaland. And everywhere it’s the same. People from the neighboring villages go to the closest town even for small need. I haven’t seen a single mobile repairing services centre in any village or smaller towns. At the average every household has minimum 2 mobile handsets. So even in one village, starting a small repair/sale service unit one can make a decent income. Not every family has the luxury of having computer or laptops. Downloading and transferring of videos and songs to mobile phones have become another profiting business. Some even charge 5-10 Rupess for single music videos. These days every mobile repairing shop has computers to run this business as additional income. Mobile repair shop is always more than just repair. You can always club other additional services like mobile re-charge centre, sale and service, accessories etc. Moreover, after warranty expires, people would rather go to repairing shops as company service centers charge more. With regular and excessive usage of this device, there is always a chance that it will have trouble later. People will like to give their devices to you for repairing. You can earn a living through this knowledge.
Mobile industry is changing, growing and exceeding its own boundary beyond the wireless technology. You can very well imagine the above benefits of joining the course that directly connects you with this industry. You can not only make good money at any job but can start your own business. If you’re planning to start your own enterprise and looking for business ideas, start searching for the best mobile repairing training institutes without wasting time. You can easily expand your cellular repair business and get into an untouched market to rise even larger as technology swarms into our near coming future. If one plans to start in a bigger way with franchise opportunity and needs financial assistance you can avail under MUDRA scheme from any commercial bank up to 10 Lakh Rupees without any collateral.

By EMN Updated: Jun 09, 2016 12:01:36 am
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