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Friday, July 12, 2024

MMC election: Candidates share their visions for Sangtemla ward

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Jun 13, 2024 2:17 pm
MMC election: Candidates share their visions for Sangtemla ward
(From left) Alemtuba Imsong, I Temsu Jamir and I Tali Longkumer (NDPP) during the common platform event held at Town Hall, Mokokchung, on June 12.

MOKOKCHUNG — The Sangtemla ward authority hosted a common platform for intending candidates of the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) election who will be contesting from Sangtemla ward, at Town Hall, Mokokchung, on June 12.

The three contenders for the Sangtemla ward in the heart of Mokokchung town are social worker I Temsu Jamir (Congress), former ward chairman I Tali Longkumer (NDPP) and Alemtuba Imsong.

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The intending candidates highlighted some common issues – the need to address Mokokchung’s water scarcity and waste management issues and youth empowerment.

Imagining a smart ward, I Tali Longkumer underlined his focus on vocational training, skills development and friendly policies for differently-abled persons. “If elected, I will not serve for self-interest but for the people” he said

I Temsu Jamir underscored that politics is not for amassing wealth or to exhibit wealth to the people, but a “responsibility to give all your wealth, knowledge, time and energy to serve the people.”

Asserting that sanitation problem and water scarcity in Mokokchung are his main concerns, he opined that whether one wins or loses the municipal election, it is the responsibility of every citizen to find solution to these two issues.

He disclosed that there are proposals for intra-district connectivity. However, these proposals are yet to materialise. He assured that if elected, intense pressure will be initiated to roll-out funds to execute the projects. 

Jamir also assured the ward people that he would chalk out strategies to send the drop-outs back to get education, introduce the educated unemployed youths in the field of e-commerce and skill development programmes, and virtual classrooms for students interested in higher education.

“There are plans and projects that need fund to implement them, but they are some projects which can be initiated through local resources through innovative solutions,” he said.

“I want to establish progressive governance, corruption-free and action-oriented MMC, I stand my ground for these,” he told the electorate.   

Alemtuba Imsong recalled the conservative comments like “too young to grasp the responsibility” passed by the elders and seniors when juniors ask for their blessings to take up leadership roles in the society.

“If the elders or seniors say, ‘the world belongs to the leadership of bright minds of the youths, we are ready to take up the responsibility, encourage and mentor us to take up leadership roles,’” he urged the seniors.

“It is true, we not here to undermine the elders because your wisdom, knowledge and mentorship is paramount for our future- we the younger generation wants your mentorship to guide us forward,” he added

He also appealed to the youths to come out from their shadows and stand upright with a new voice for a stronger future. 

The programme’s objective, according to Sangtemla ward chairman, Imliyanger is to give candidates a forum to share their thoughts with the general public and to take a modest step toward promoting clean elections. He added that the platform aims to amplify debates among the people on the views and opinions outlined by candidates for a healthy democratic society.

Wastitoshi Ao, secretary of Sangtemla Ward also said that, “We want to make this election process as smooth as possible to make the election cleaner and hopefully, in the long run, a common platform will yield positive results.”

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By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: Jun 13, 2024 2:17:40 pm
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