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MLC clarifies on identity of TR Zeliang

By EMN Updated: May 04, 2014 1:25 am

It is deeply regretted to read the news article written by one Mr. Aosashi Jamir purportedly from Dimapur in the 2nd May issue of the Eastern Mirror under the caption “Is TR Zeliang the right man to lead the people of Nagaland?” It is very clear from the write up that the motive of Mr. Aosashi Jamir was well designed to confuse the people for the reasons best known to him.
We, the Mbaupunggwa Lui Council (MLC), appreciates the corrigendum issued by Editor of the Eastern Mirror on 3rd May 2014, wherein she retracted the said article and the apology tendered for the inconvenience caused to Mr. TR Zeliang by publishing such unauthenticated defamatory press statement of Mr. Aosashi Jamir.However, since the damage has been done to Mr. TR Zeliang by this news article, in order to clear the confusion of the readers created Mr. Aosashi Jamir’s article, we would like to clarify once and for all the true identity of Mr. TR Zeliang as follows:
1. That Mr. TR Zeliang is a son of Late Mr. Rangleu Zeliang and was born and brought up from Mbaupunggwa Village of Peren district. His great grandfather Late Mr. Namso was the first GB of Mbaupungwa Village during the British rule and like his father he lived for more than 100 years.
2. That, Mbaupunggwa village was established since time immemorial and considered one of the oldest Village under Peren district. Moreover, the village never falls under the rule of Manipur.
3. Therefore, Mr. TR Zeliang is a bonafide citizen of Mbaupunggwa Village and is hundred per cent a Naga of Nagaland which cannot be question by any other tribes.
4. That, the issuing of such defamatory press statement through fictitious .email lD is a matter of serious cyber crime and cognisable offence under section ITAA 2008 Act read together with IPC section.
In this regard, we the Mbaupunggwa Lui Council request the management of Eastern Mirror to trace and establish the real identity of Mr. Aosashi Jamir and bring him to book for necessary punitive action under appropriate section of the law for the crime he has committed.
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By EMN Updated: May 04, 2014 1:25:10 am