Miss Nagaland launches project in Noklak
Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Miss Nagaland launches project in Noklak

By EMN Updated: Jan 27, 2023 9:43 pm
Hikali Achumi along with Linovi P Kiba and Niloli Wotsa during the launch event of her project ‘Beauty with a purpose’ in Noklak town on Friday.

Reigning Miss Nagaland, Hikali Achumi, officially launched her project ‘Beauty with a purpose’ on Friday at Christian High School in Noklak town on the theme “Period positive.”

The project was launched in collaboration with Vikuonuo Sachü from ‘The Miraculum Society’ and powered by BASN and ‘The Silver Vision.’ An update from Hikali stated that Miss Sumi 2022, Linovi P Kiba, and Niloli Wotsa were present during the launch event.

The beauty queen, who strongly believes in women empowerment, spoke on ‘Period positive’ targeting not only women but also men to appreciate and support women’s body and challenges they face during every monthly cycle.

“Menstruation is a normal and regular event in every healthy adolescent girl’s life. Yet drastic changes are needed to encourage positive social norms and ultimately enact behavioural change,” Hikali said.

Through the movement, she expressed hope that everyone would come together to spread positivity towards changing perspectives and accepting women of all kinds and making menstruation a positive cycle and not a taboo.

“It is time to finally abolish the absurd silence and shame that shroud this natural biological event,” she added.

By EMN Updated: Jan 27, 2023 9:43:29 pm