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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Minister Kruse underscores multifaceted roles of women in society

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jan 29, 2024 10:52 pm
Winner of the folk song competition, Thenyizu village seen performing a folk song at the 11th general session of Chokri Area Mother’s Association at Khulazu Bawe on Monday. (EM image)

KOHIMA — The multifaceted roles of women in society, including their contribution as nurturers, problem solvers and peacemakers were highlighted at the 11th general session of Chokri Area Mother’s Association (CAMA) held at Khulazu Bawe Village, on Monday.

Addressing the session, various speakers including Minister of Women Resource Development and Horticulture, Salhoutuonuo Kruse emphasised empowering women economically, educationally and culturally, and recognising their diverse roles in society.

Kruse, who is also the first woman minister from Nagaland, underscored the importance of self-reliance and encouraged the women to use their skills in weaving, farming and other income-generating activities that align with their interests, to generate a livelihood and support their spouse’s income.

Salhoutunuo Kruse addressing the 11th general session of Chokri Area Mother’s Association at Khulazu Bawe on Monday.  (EM image)

This, she said, would not only strengthen the family’s financial foundation and well-being but also free them from relying solely on their husbands for financial support. This, in turn, would contribute to a thriving society, she maintained.

Recognising the academic achievements of women in Nagaland, the minister emphasised that the foundation for women to assume leadership roles in society starts within their homes.

It is the mothers, who have a lot of potential to nurture future leaders in their children, she said, while urging the mothers at the programme, to educate girls and train them to stand on their own feet and become independent individuals.

Mothers are the best teachers for their children, and if children are taught correctly, they will find the right direction in life.

She added that it is the children who will carry on the family legacy, and if mothers teach them well, they will have fulfilled their duties.

Further, the minister lauded the Chakhesang women for their excellent weaving and entrepreneurial skills, farming practices and hard work and called upon the mother’s association to work towards bringing peace and unity in the society.

In her greetings, Zhonelü Tünyi, president of the Chakhesang Mother’s Association, thanked men for encouraging women in leadership roles, adding that women can be leaders with men’s support.

She urged the attendees to uphold age-old good traditions, culture and practices in a fast-changing world, emphasising that unity, honesty and love are the highest virtues.

Salhoutunuo Kruse with others during the 11th general session of Chokri Area Mother’s Association at Khulazu Bawe on Monday. (EM image)

The president advised mothers to teach their children about these good traits at home.

Meanwhile, Nezelu Nyekha, executive director of the Chakhesang Women Welfare Society, who spoke on the topic ‘The role of women in society today,’ said that women are gifted in many areas and play an important role in society. Women are blessed with a variety of qualities, including charisma, skills, multitasking, nurturing, caregiving, problem-solving, decision-making, peacemaking, and so on, she said.

She went on to say that women play an important role in the village’s development. If a woman is empowered and works for the village’s development, the village advances to a higher level.

Nyekha asserted that while many good women leaders are emerging, there is still a need to develop and support women’s leadership, as well as teach women’s roles and responsibilities in village development programmes. Toward this, she encouraged the women to come together and work for the community so that the village could grow in all areas.

Delegates from 12 villages in the Chokri Area attended the one-day general session, during which 10 villages competed in folk songs. Thenyizu village took first place, followed by Rihuba, while North Kikruma and Phusachodu villages finished third and fourth, respectively.

By Reyivolü Rhakho Updated: Jan 29, 2024 10:52:53 pm
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