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Mini library in Peren gaining ground among readers

By EMN Updated: Mar 28, 2014 10:31 pm


A mini career-cum-vocational guidance library, the first of its kind in Nagaland, was set up at the Peren Employment Exchange i.e. Rural Employment Bureau (REB) in the year 2011. This particular library, which was inaugurated by Muthingyuba Sangtam, Director of Employment & Craftsmen Training, on June 13, 2011, was encouraged and highly supported by the then chairman and vice chairman of the Peren District Planning and Development Board.Though the larger part of Peren public might not be aware of this Library, school and college students have, of late, trickled in and the number has been increasing gradually. It is noteworthy that even teachers visits to seek help on some subjects. With a sitting capacity of 8 (eight) people, this Library was established with the purpose of cultivating a sense of awareness to students and specially the job-seekers who come to the exchange for employment registration.
At present, there happens to be a humble number of books available but the attendance of the public might act as an impetus to inspire more books to be brought in, opined some of the staff at the Exchange.
Till date, it was reported that some concerned and enthusiastic supporters have donated books which is a clear proof of the support given out by the local denizens. These books deal with numerous vocations and give ideas on varied career opportunities which can hone the already intellectual minds of the youth besides enabling them to plan their future and be well equipped with the career process of their choice. The best part is – this library can be assessed by anyone during working hours and in all working days though it cannot be loaned out except under the condition that the books be xeroxed and returned promptly.
Though it is a mini library, it is a thing of pride for the host office i.e. The Rural Employment Bureau, the District employment office which has been functioning for more than two decades. It is to be noted that there are no other libraries for the public in Peren except for school or college libraries.

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