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Metsubo urges to preserve language and culture

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2021 9:37 pm

Dimapur, Jan. 20 (EMN): Observing that Ao Nagas are gradually losing their culture and language by adapting to western culture, minister for Rural Development, Metsubo Jamir, called upon the community to preserve and promote their culture and language.

Speaking at the general meeting of the Kohima Ao Officertem Telongjem (Kohima Ao Officers’ Union) at Molu Ki in Kohima on January 19, Jamir lamented that the Aos are losing their culture as many have adapted to western cultures. He also noted that they are no longer proud to be an Ao and the language is on the verge of extinction as many of the parents and children communicate in different languages rather than their own.

Jamir has appreciated the officers for their services towards the union despite busy schedules in their respective offices and departments and encouraged them to continue giving their best for the uplift of the union.

While stating that God has blessed the Ao community in many different fields he however lamented that due to disunity amongst themselves they are not able to move forward and take up challenges, a DIPR report stated.
Jamir also called upon the officers to take it as an opportunity whenever they are posted to Mokokchung stating that transformation and development of the district could only be brought about by one’s own citizen. He also mentioned that the district is slowly being deserted since many of its citizens have migrated to other districts in search of better avenues and jobs.

Besides, he also pointed out that the sobriquet for Mokokchung as “Land of Pioneers” has now lost its meaning as there are only a few schools and colleges with less students. He stated that with fewer citizens in Mokokchung district, the census in the district has gone down. Citing those drawbacks, he encouraged the officers to be united, give prior importance to one’s culture, language and census to be given serious thought.

He further suggested KOAT to organise a conference where Ao officers from different districts could come together and discuss different issues, share ideas and also get to know one another.

Minister of PWD (Housing & Mechanical), Tongpang Ozukum, who also spoke in the meeting, said KAOT is a union where others could look up to ideas, help etc. and bring unity and change in the Ao community. He called upon KOAT to educate the Aos in different fields and also suggested them to call for conferences annually or biannually so that Ao officers and parliamentarians could work out strategies to bring about a change in the Ao community.

KAOT president, Meyionen Jamir, who proposed the welcome address, briefed that KAOT was established in 2003 with more than 600 Ao officers but in recent years the numbers have decreased. He also called upon the officers to give dedicated service to the people and not misuse their position as officers for personal interest but to work together for the uplift of the union.

Meanwhile, the union has elected new team of office bearers for the tenure 2021-2022 with Moatemsu Aier as president, P Nungsangwapang as vice president, Imtimenla as secretary, O Imliwati Jamir as assistant general secretary, Talitemsu as finance secretary, and Sentiyager Imchen as treasurer.

By EMN Updated: Jan 20, 2021 9:37:52 pm