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Metallica ask for fan mementos

By EMN Updated: Nov 03, 2014 8:45 pm

Metallica are asking fans to send them photos, bootleg audio, video clips and other items from between 1983-1985 for inclusion in upcoming deluxe reissues of Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning.
They recently asked for similar items for Matt Taylor’s Master Of Puppets book – now they’re asking people to look through their archives for material from earlier in their career.
Metallica say on their website: “Did you mange to sneak a video camera into a show long before they fit in your pocket? Maybe your old Instamatic camera for some snap shots? A cassette Walkman with a microphone?
“We’re looking for anything and everything – audio, video, photos, fliers, ticket stubs, the setlist you picked off the floor and in general any mementos you may have from around that time.”
Fans can get in touch with the band directly by emailing
Drummer Lars Ulrich recalled recording Kill ‘Em All in 1983 in an interview with Metal Hammer. And he said the Music America Studios in New York where they recorded their debut was haunted.
He said: “The actual studio was in the basement of this huge old colonial-type of clubhouse. On the second floor there was a huge ballroom – perfect for getting a good drum sound. The only problem was, the place was haunted. I had to have someone else up there the whole time I was recording. My cymbals would start spinning for no reason, shit like that. It was scary.”

By EMN Updated: Nov 03, 2014 8:45:38 pm