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Messi lords over new Bengali film on football

By PTI Updated: Jun 11, 2017 11:47 pm

Kolkata, June 11 (PTI): Argentine football star Lionel Messi is the spirit of a new Bengali film, where the soccer wizard serves as a metaphor for Bengalis’ passion for the sport.
Director Ringo Banerjee explained that with the film ‘Messi’ he intended to capture Bengalis’ almost instinctive love for football reflected in the game played in every nook and corner of the state – from villages to towns to cities.
Asked how the Argentine wizard featured in the scheme of things, the director told PTI, “Messi stands for hope, aspiration, courage and dream present in the heart of every teenager.”
Soumitra Chatterjee’s grandson Ronodeep Bose, who was recently injured in a road accident, is the ‘Messi’ of his ‘para’ (locality) team.
The film, released on June 9, is currently running in single screens and plexes.
In every team there is a Messi who can take 30 degree instep and unfurl a kick, two popular tricks tried in para football matches by his fans, and we must document this phase of para football in a fictional fomat, the director explains.
“In every para football there is a fighter who can turn around the matches at any moment and the film is all about these undiscovered little talents in the alleys of Kolkata, who are not always spotted by big clubs in the city and are finally lost,” the director said.
Ringo said that there had been a very few films in the past over the subject and observed in this connection that many works of late sports journalist-turned writer Moti Nandi needed to be made into films, not just ‘Striker’ and ‘Koni’, two successful films based on the novels written by the writer.
One of the para football clubs, which takes part in the ‘Para Football Tournament’ of the Kolkata Police, helped arrange the live match shoots which occupy over 70 per cent of the film.
Two football-playing characters, Ronodeep and Aryann, took part in workshops supervised by coach and former first division player of the Kolkata football league.
Popular actor Prosenjit lauding the efforts of the director said, “At times the subject is more important than anything else. Not all films should be aimed at making money.”

By PTI Updated: Jun 11, 2017 11:47:01 pm