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Merciless hunting of endangered animals continues unabated

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2014 12:25 am


While performing their routine duty to check illegal trade of wild animals and birds, a patrolling team under Kohima Forest Division led by Wenipe, Deputy Ranger seized 5 Squirrels and 5 birds being sold along the NH-29 on January 4 near Medziphema/Pherima
The seizures were later destroyed by burning in presence of senior officers in the premises of the office of the Kohima Forest Range Officer. In a press release, Beizo Suokhrie, ACF i/c Kohima Forest Range, has lamented that besides all out efforts by departmental staff to control hunting and sale of wildlife, the offence continue unabated.
The release has once again appeal to all concerned and responsible citizens to refrain from hunting of wildlife and also not to encourage such activities by purchasing any wild animals that is being sold.
The release further informed the public general that several patrolling squads have been mobilized to carry out checking/raids in the markets, roadside, etc. for selling of wild animals and birds.
The squads/teams will be performing their duties randomly throughout the year. The general public has been reminded that such offences are punishable with a fine upto Rs. 25,000 or imprisonment of 3 to 7 years under the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.
It may be recalled that many village councils in the state have banned random hunting and fishing in a bid to preserved wildlife.

By EMN Updated: Jan 08, 2014 12:25:53 am