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‘Mental creation will determine your physical creation’

By Mirror Desk Updated: Jun 28, 2018 12:27 am
Prof. Pardeshi Lal giving away a certificate to one of the graduates. (EMN)

Dimapur, June 27 (EMN): The vice chancellor of Nagaland University, Prof. Pardeshi Lal, has insisted the students to make a practical plan to achieve their career goals. He spoke to them about the importance of how mental planning can lead a person to a better being in the future.

Prof. Pardeshi Lal was speaking as the chief guest at the 4th convocation of Patkai Christian College (PCC) on June 27 at Bunrock Chapel-Auditorium, Seithekema at Chumukedima in Dimapur.

The vice chancellor said everything is created twice. The first creation is called the mental creation and the second is physical creation. “Your first creation will determine your second creation.” He supported his statement by illustrating an example of how a painter plans in his imagination about what to draw, then making his imagination into a physical form through the painting he painted.

Prof. Lal further talked about how ‘private victory precedes public victory’ by citing an example of how successful people in the field of sports, music, and film. He said those people train themselves in private away from the glare of public and media; come out after they are trained and prepared to compete at the highest level.

The vice chancellor acknowledged the importance of being graduated by asserting on the fact that their graduation has the power to bring happiness to themselves, their families, and the people of their villages who are struggling for their basic necessities.

Quality education is instrumental in improving indices of human development, gender development, and human happiness, he said. “When each of you can be the beacon of hope in whatever position you may be in, you can truly be the cause for synergistic growth—socially, mentally, and politically,” he implied.

“If people have the trust and hope that you are the reason for their renewed sense of optimism for the future, the task is cut out for you to prove your mettle and your worth as highly educated individual,” Prof. Lal added.

The convocation was conducted for graduates from Bachelor of Arts, Science, and Commerce stream; bachelor of Computer Applications, and Music; and master of Arts and Science, for the 2016, 2017, and 2018 batches.

Gold medals were awarded to 41 students from three batches for their excellence in their respective subjects.

The two gold medallist students, each from the UG and PG in their speech, testified how the college helped them succeed in their life and encouraged their classmates to be what their college has destined them to be.

During the ceremony, the vice chancellor gave away the certificates and the principal, Hüsazü Epao, shifted the students’ tassel from right to left. The students were then admitted to their respective degrees in absentia by the vice chancellor.

Earlier, the convocation lamp was lit by Rev. Lhouzoviu Shüya, pastor of Chumukedima Village Baptist Church and the students were led to pledge by the vice principal of PCC, Angel Sonari.

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