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Memo seeks to promote Tenyidie in schools

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 13, 2019 1:23 am

Our Correspondent
Kohima, Feb.12 (EMN): The Ura Academy Tenyidie Mission Project and the Razeba Public Organisation (RPO) have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote the Tenyidie dialect in schools. The memorandum was signed at the Ura Academy Hall, in Kohima on Tuesday.
The main objective of the agreement is to endorse Tenyidie as the common standard language among the Tenyimia people. The secretary general of the academy, Prof. D Kuolie said that such an initiative was aimed at bringing the Tenyimi community together through a common dialect i.e., Tenyidie.

The academy’s board of directors has passed a resolution to sponsor the dialect to the Tenyimi areas, he said. He expressed hope that the dialect will serve as an instrument toward better understanding and closer contact for the community.
Kuolie maintained that the memorandum will go on board in fulfilling the policy of Naga Heritge Study (NHS), an initiative of the State Council of Education Research and Training in the form of Nagaland language policy and implementation.

The speakers spoke about the importance of being literate in one’s mother tongue as it is the first identity of a person.
It is crucial to learn how to speak and write in one’s own dialect, they said. They lamented the inability of the present generation to speak and write in their own ethnic dialects. They hoped that the memorandum will set an example.

Ura Academy will be sponsoring one or more Tenyidie teacher, who will be at least a Master’s degree holder in Tenyidie dialect and literature (and other professional degree such as B.Ed.) for a period of 10 years, extendable subject to the condition of the progress.
The academy will also pay the monthly salary of the teacher amounting to INR. 20,000 and other necessary invectives, and shall carry out Tenyidie teaching-learning activities in various schools within Razeba area in consultation with the Tenyidie Learning Centre management

By Our Correspondent Updated: Feb 13, 2019 1:23:15 am