Spine Surgery - Max Hospital Offers 10% Rebate For Spine Surgery
Sunday, July 21, 2024

Max Hospital offers 10% rebate for spine surgery

By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Apr 21, 2023 3:54 pm
Max Hospital offers 10% rebate for spine surgery
Dr. Lima Imchen, Dr. Puneet Girdhar and Abhinay Jain are seen during the press conference at Eden Hospital in Dimapur on Friday.
DIMAPUR — BLK-Max Speciality Hospital in Delhi has offered 10% rebate for patients from Nagaland undergoing robotic spine surgery.

This was announced by Dr. Puneet Girdhar, senior director and head of Ortho Spine Surgery at BLK-Max hospital, during a press conference held at Eden Hospital in Dimapur on Friday. He informed that a new advanced integrated robotic system for spine surgeries, which ensures safety and accuracy of spine surgery, was recently introduced at BLK-Max Speciality Hospital in Delhi.

Dr. Girdhar informed that Max Healthcare, at present, has 21 robots out of which five are at BLK Max Hospital including one for joint replacement, one for spine surgery and the other three for general surgical procedures.

While the cost for robotic surgeries range from INR 2 to 12 lakh, Dr. Girdhar informed that they are offering 10% discount for residents of Nagaland.

Dr. Girdhar stated that robotic system for spine surgery technology is the most advanced software platform designed to increase safety and accuracy of spine surgery. He explained that the technology utilises artificial intelligence to visualise spinal anatomy during complex surgeries and also allow data integration which comes handy during spine surgeries and enable doctors to customise the surgical plan for individual patient.

He stated that it is the only robotic system that combines surgical navigation and robotic guidance for spinal surgery, which offers significant advantages to spine surgeons.

The advantages of robotic spine surgery according to him included precision in surgery, minimally invasive, less tissue damage, minimal blood loss, smaller scars and faster recovery.

Dr. Girdhar, who had performed many complex spinal surgeries using the robotic navigation system with 100% success, said “In today’s advanced medical times, robotic spinal surgeries are the safest route for procedures that require extreme precision and accuracy. They not only promise positive outcomes but also involve minimal complications throughout the surgery.”

Dr. Lima Imchen, managing director of Eden Medical Centre, stated that they have collaborated with BLK-Max Hospital few years back to bring specialised healthcare services in Nagaland. He added that doctors from the Delhi-based hospital are visiting the Eden Medical Centre to provide consultation and treatment to patients.

He added that they are working on a plan to bring Dr. Girdhar and perform spinal surgeries at Eden hospital so that patients need not go outside the state.

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By Livine Khrozhoh Updated: Apr 21, 2023 3:54:00 pm
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