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Mastering various languages is an asset – Zhaleo Rio

By EMN Updated: Oct 05, 2019 1:01 am

Says there are many proxy teachers and ‘ghost teachers’ in Nagaland

Zhaleo Rio

Eastern Mirror Desk

Dimapur, Oct. 4: The advisor of Sericulture, Excise and Minority Affairs, Zhaleo Rio on Friday said that there shouldn’t be any limit in learning languages other than one’s mother tongue.

“If we master various languages, it is an asset, and to become a successful man in this present century, we must think locally but act broadly,” he said while addressing the silver jubilee celebration and 26th state-level Hindi Divas of All Nagaland Hindi Teachers’ Union, Dimapur unit at Town Hall in Dimapur on October 4.

Rio said that “teachers are the backbone of our nation building, our state, society or community.” He added that the “school education level is a very vast department and the future of our children is at the hand of our teachers.”

“There are many good teachers and we should not forget that teaching is a noble profession and it’s a sacred profession”. He however lamented that there are many proxy teachers and ‘ghost teachers’.

He reminded the Hindi teachers that, if Hindi language failed in Nagaland, “we have to scold those entire stakeholders, the department, the teaching staff and advice not to bring proxy teacher into our schools.”

Rio stated that as “we celebrate Hindi official day, the benefit of Hindi for our land is that Hindi is also a language and learning language or communicating through language, it brings unity, it brings togetherness and closeness in every living being in the society.” He also added that since majority of Indians speaks Hindi, it is important to learn the language as it helps in many ways including promotion of tourism.

Speaking on the occasion, additional director of school education, Razouseyi Vese, said that, “language spoken reflect one’s culture, way of living of a community or a society, therefore language has no limit.” He added that, “learning Hindi is not against our religion, it is a misconception but it’s an additional language for our benefit in life.”

Vese advised the gathering to introspect on how far they have rendered to upgrade the Hindi language in Nagaland, and added that there is lot of room for improvement. After celebrating silver jubilee, we are physically and mentally active now, he said, adding that they need to contribute more and propagate Hindi language.

“It doesn’t mean that we have to forget our own mother tongue, but master mother tongue and in addition, we must also learn Hindi,” he said. “The root of education is bitter but the fruits of education are so sweet.”

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