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Maoists trying to set up bases in upper Assam, says Centre

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2014 5:26 pm

Guwahati, February 3

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Centre today claimed that the Maoist extremists were focusing to set up bases in upper Assam, close to international border and this could create a “serious strategic security complication” to northeastern states.
Addressing a two-day seminar organised by the CDPS here, National Security Advisory Board member P C Haldar said that foreign forces inimical to India’s interest may use the Maoists as pawn to fulfil their agenda.“In the northeast, Maoists’ focus is on areas in upper Assam and a few pockets in the interior areas to set up bases.
The choice of upper Assam and the adjoining areas assume added significance because of its proximity to international border and traditional ingress-egress routes of armed groups of the region to their bases in Myanmar,” he said.
“Maoists’ presence in this sensitive region has the potential of creating a serious strategic security complication,” Haldar added.
Usually Maoists are attracted towards areas that allow an operational advantage due to jurisdictional division, he added.
The northeast has a history of trans-border dimension to its militancy problem and “the possibility of forces inimical to India using Maoists as a pawn would have to be factored in by the security establishment,” he added.
Haldar also pointed out that there were reports of Maoists trying to forge links with existing armed militants of this region as stated by few linkmen.
He said that inclusive development is the key to solve the Maoists problem anywhere in the country.
“It is important to stress that our approach towards dealing with Maoists movement cannot wholly be based on the police and security forces. A combination of security measures and focused development will be necessary,” he said.

By EMN Updated: Feb 04, 2014 5:26:56 pm