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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Manipur organisations condemn attack on ambulance driver

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2024 6:20 pm

DIMAPUR —  The Haochong Youth Club (HYC) and Haochong Students’ Organisation (HSO) have strongly condemned the assault on an ambulance driver by “armed Meitei miscreants” on the evening of January 13 at Kangchup Chingkhong, Manipur.

In a joint press statement, the organisations mentioned that Michael Inka, a driver affiliated with the 102 Ambulance Service attached to the Primary Health Centre of Haochong, was transporting essential medicines and supplies for the Haochong area when the incident occurred.

“The armed Meitei miscreants falsely accused the driver, an Inpui (Kabui) Naga who is a resident of Haochong, of transporting medicine for the Kukis,” the statement read, adding further that the incident has instilled fear and apprehension among the populace and that if such incidents are left unaddressed, they have the potential to escalate, resulting in conflicts.

The organisations have urged the government to take immediate action against the culprits and to enhance security measures along the route—an active conflict zone.

“The government must ensure the safety of civilians and individuals engaged in essential services, prevent further untoward incidents, and uphold peace in the state,” it said.

They have also expressed deep concern about the state’s current crisis and stated that they are actively working with government agencies and civil society organisations to restore normalcy in the state.

By EMN Updated: Jan 14, 2024 6:20:37 pm
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