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Mangkolemba CSO endorse realignment of Mariani-Mokokchung road

By EMN Updated: Mar 30, 2022 9:59 pm

Dimapur, March 30 (EMN): The civil society organisations (CSOs) of Mangkolemba subdivision in Mokokchung have extended unrestrained support to the expressed open letter of the Ao Senden to the Chief Minister of Nagaland pertaining to the proposed realignment and construction of Mariani-Mokokchung road via Mangkolemba (NH-702D)

Giving a brief profile of the Mangkolemba sub-division, the CSO president, I Tia Jamir, and the secretary, Wapongtoshi, stated that Mangkolemba is a semi-urban administrative subdivision under Mokokchung district, which is 60+ km away from the district headquarters. It is also the administrative headquarters of three ranges namely Jangpetkong, Japukong, and Tsurangkong covering more than 50 villages and three other administrative blocks viz. Alongkima EAC HQs, Longchem EAC HQs and Merangmen border magistrate. It is also home to more than 60,000 Ao-Naga.

As compared to the rest of the Ao Naga in particular and the Nagas in general, it stated that the people of the sub-division are lacking far behind in all development indicators, whether it be education, health or any other basic infrastructure like roads, water, electricity etc. required for the well being and harmonious development of a normal human being.

It added that accessibility is limited by pitiable conditions of the roads in the entire subdivision, connecting the different villages as well as the district headquarters, which only exhibited the decades of neglect by the successive governments of the state.

As the sub-division is plagued by myriad problems, it stated that one of the most urgent needs is to have good, well maintained and well connected road connectivity. In such a circumstance, the CSO stated that it would only be apt and logical that such a road of national importance and interconnectivity transits through the subdivision.

It added that providing a good road would serve in giving a sense of justice and belongingness to the deprived subdivision and its people. It would not only be economically sustainable, efficient and beneficial to the masses but also it would give a boost to the tourism industry in the area, given the fact that the subdivision is home to a variety of species of flora and fauna as well as rich in Naga heritage and places of historical importance, the statement read.

While referring to a RTI reply from the PWD NH, which stated that there are five alternative routes under consideration for the realignment, the CSO felt that the fourth option “Realignment from Watiyim on chainage 66.0 km to Longjenkong (New Camp) on 30.0 km via Mangkolemba” should be given preference for a variety of reasons.

According to CSO, the realignment would not only be the shortest road (reduced from present 36.00 km to approx 25.00 km) but also have proper gradient and enough width of the road. It added that the Ao Senden’s expressed opinion and position stood justified because the realignment would be beneficial not only for the people of the subdivision but also for the rest of the districts connected by the NH-702D.

CSO also mentioned that it had written a representation to the state’s Chief Secretary, J Alam, and the Engineer-in-Chief (PWD-NH) and copies of the same were forwarded to various stakeholders, including the two legislators from the subdivision. On March 28, representatives of the CSO led by its president, I Tia Jamir, also submitted a representation regarding the same to the Chief Secretary as well as to the Engineer-in-Chief of PWD and the Chief Engineer of NH in Kohima.

In the light of the aforementioned facts and figures, the organisation has urged the concerned authority to take into consideration the appeals and representations by giving preference to the option IV of NH 702D realignment and by obtaining the required NOC.

By EMN Updated: Mar 30, 2022 9:59:18 pm