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Magnum Opus IV: Of music, art, exhibition and literature

By Mirror Desk Updated: Oct 24, 2018 7:58 pm
Magnum Opus IV
Arts seen displayed at an exhibition stall during the ongoing Magnum Opus IV at Urban Haat in Dimapur on Wed. Oct. 24


Magnum Opus
Participants are seen attending art workshop at the ongoing “Magnum Opus IV” at Urban Haat in Dimapur on Wed. Oct. 24.


The vision of Act Of Kindness (AOK) is to bless the city which they believe can be achieved by honouring people by giving space to all the varied artistes where one can learn from each other. AOK also dream of increasing the chances of local artistes to be recognised and “Magnum Opus” strives to uphold this vision in the coming years.

And keeping the tradition of Magnum Opus enterprising, the fourth edition of “Magnum Opus” organised by the AOK Dimapur, in collaboration with North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC) was opened on Wed. Oct. 24 at Urban Haat, Walford Road in Dimapur.

The festival is organised to celebrate and commemorate International Artist Day, which falls on October 25.

“Magnum Opus” is organised by AOK with the view to bring together the artists and art lovers to come together under one realm where each of them can interact, grow and learn from each other, have fun but at the same time execute their talent.

The “Magnum Opus IV” new addition is fictional, folk and short story writing workshops with the intend to encourage the college and high school students to participate and move forward by showcasing their talent in different fields of art and music.

The first day of the event attended to Original Live Music competition that was judged by Kekhrie Ringa, DJ Tali and Deithozo Thakro; Limasangwa Aonok, Buddhi Thapa and Tunavi Achumi as the resource persons for Art; and Medziphema EAC Sentilong Ozukum, chief editor and publisher of Heritage Publishing House Dr. Lanusangla Tzudir, Writers Dr.  Srutimala Duara and Dhubra Hazarika, Mitra Phukan and Tialila Kikon  as the resource persons on fictional, folk and short story writing workshops.

As this multi-faceted event “Magnum Opus” which is described as a ‘work of art, music, or literature” brings all artistes together, it will demonstrate how the youths are creative, engaging, and genuine with their own passion.

As many as 12 stalls are put up for the visitors with separate exhibition stalls displaying the works of artists and gallery of Photography Club of Dimapur.

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