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LRD highlights SPEED to Tuensang villages

By EMN Updated: Feb 14, 2014 11:09 pm


TO create awareness among the villagers about SPEED (Special Programme for Economic & Environmental Development), which was launched by the Department of Land Resources in commemoration of the 50th year of Statehood, the Deputy Director and Supervisory Officer in-charge of Kiphire and Tuensang districts, C Vanchamo Ngullie, visited Tuensang district from February 10 – 14 covering six villages namely Leankonger, Pathso, Ekhao, Nokyan ‘B,’ Kejok and Longkephe.
The Deputy Director, during his interaction with the villagers, learned that some of the villages were reluctant to adopt the new techniques of farming and were still holding on to their old and traditional practices. All the doubts which persisted in their minds were minutely discussed and detailed information about the new system of farming to be practiced with locally available materials and resources and the crops best suited according to the type of soil, climatic condition and marketing avenues were clearly explained with field demonstration to the villagers.
He further encouraged them to change their mindset and move forward to the changing times with a positive attitude and also sought their co-operation for successful implementation of the programme.
C Vanchamo Ngullie also launched a Labour Union at Pathso Village consisting of unemployed youth from the poorest section of the society under the initiative of the DPO and village council. While also interacting with the staff, he urged them to give their best and leave their footprint behind by helping them bring about a change in the economic status of the villagers.
The District Project Officer (DPO), Dr. Menuosietuo Tsikha, while addressing the villagers highlighted the importance of the programme and also the means to improve their economic status. He urged them to move forward with a vision to change their future.
After studying the cost effect of using the conventional light bulb, a unique approach undertaken by the DPO was the distribution of CFL bulb to each household in all the villages covered under the SPEED programme which will not only reduce the light bill but also save energy consumption and in turn ultimately increase their income.
The villages included under the programme covers all the four major tribes under Tuensang district. It is hoped that with the information imparted to them and by engaging highly qualified, dedicated and capable field staff and officers leading from the front, it would not be long before to see a different Tuensang district.

By EMN Updated: Feb 14, 2014 11:09:30 pm