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Monday, March 04, 2024

Lotha organisations resent MP’s remark on Art. 371 (A)

By EMN Updated: Jan 21, 2024 6:30 pm

DIMAPUR — The Lotha Hoho and its frontal organisations have expressed resentment over the recent statement of Lok Sabha MP Tokheho Yepthomi on Article 371(A).

The lone Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland, who is from the NDPP, had reportedly said “I wish the GoI do away with Article 371(A)” at a recent programme in Chümoukedima.

The Lotha Hoho, in a press release, affirmed that human existence is much more than the “so-called- modern development’ on the surface.”

“The cultural and traditional identity, ancestral heritage, territorial rights, social rights, human rights, religious rights, the unique existence and many more such rights are inalienable, for us,” the hoho said.

It said Naga leaders should know that much more than the modern-day developments, the Nagas have, so far, lived with distinct culture, tradition and many more of their rights under Article 371 (A).

“Hence if Art. 371 (A) is removed, the Nagas will be over flooded with alien people, alien culture, alien way of living, alien religion etc and will become like the aboriginal people of Tripura, whose people have become minority in their own land; similar to the Native Americans and Incas of the Americas, the Maoris of New Zealand and the 85 aboriginal tribes of Australia, who have lost their heritage and are now the oppressed minority,” it stated.

The hoho also cited the case of Bhutan and said that though the small mountainous country may be under-undeveloped, technologically backward and dependent on rural economy, but the Bhutanese live with pride with their distinct identity in their naturally eco-friendly land.

And the so-called developed countries are now envying Bhutan that calls itself the ‘Kingdom of Happiness,’ it said.

 “Our leaders are once again reminded that we would rather choose to remain under Art. 371 (A), although underdeveloped, but happy like Bhutan and never like developed Europe, where human values have vanished…,” the hoho said.

Maintaining that it would be “stupid and treacherous” if Article 371 (A) was done away with, the hoho urged the leaders to think of the long-term implications.

The hoho further ventured to say that if the article is scrapped, then Naga history will record for all time to come that the “Naga protective constitutional Article 371 (A),” was removed during the time of Chief Minister of Neiphiu Rio and Member of Parliament Tokheho Yepthomi.

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By EMN Updated: Jan 21, 2024 6:30:37 pm
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