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Lotha Hoho flays CM for equating 33% quota with oil PIL

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2016 2:22 am

Dimapur, October 25 : A palpably irate Lotha Hoho has vehemently lashed out at the statement from the Chief Minister’s Office for equating the 33 percent women to the Public Interest Litigation on petroleum.

The organization issued a press release on Tuesday noting the CMO’s response to legislator Thomas Ngullie’s censuring the government on the said reservation.

The organization expressed ‘pain’ at having to “frequently come across” Naga politicians commenting that the Lotha Hoho’s PIL was against the provisions of Article 371A.
“If CMO is reacting to MLA Thomas Ngullie’s views on 33% women quota, why does it have to bring in the LH PIL?” the organization stated in the press release.

“Is this not indicative of an ulterior motive? Let not our politicians and CMO make fun of themselves because every Naga intellectual and organizations fully know that the LH PIL is for safeguarding the provisions of Article 371A, since the NP & NG Regulations and Rules 2012 are infringing on the provisions of the said Article, for the Nagas.”

The community group reminded that the PIL had nothing to do with the 33% women quota nor did it in any way imperil the safeguards of said article.

“It is in fact the state politicians who are twisting facts with ulterior motives to mislead the Naga public. The basic provision of Article 371A is to guarantee the rights of landowners; but why did the CM, Mr. T.R Zeliang impose CrPC 144, at Tssori Champang to launch the MoGPL, on the 21st July 2014, against the rights and wishes of the land owners? Is this the provisions of Article 371A?”

The Lotha Hoho did not stop: “Does CMO know what it is talking about?”

The organization has cautioned against condescending the public. “Please be aware that Nagas are no longer ignorant and are watching and judging. The LH appeal to one and all to desist from politicising the LH PIL so that the general Naga publicare not misled,” the organization added.

By EMN Updated: Oct 26, 2016 2:22:18 am