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Longsa village celebrates 50 years of revival

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2017 12:16 am

Longsa, June 11 (EMN): Commemorating 50 years of revival, Longsa Baptist Church (LBC) successfully celebrated a three-day ‘spiritual festival’ from June 9-11.
Hundreds of believers, who attended the Sunday service, were blessed as two renowned men of God, Rev. Dr. Imchayanger and IEF President Tsüknung preached the words of God to a packed congregation today.
the IEF president Tsüknung, who preached his sermon on the theme of the revival programme ‘Oh Lord, revive us again’, said organising revival for fame and glory is like building a castle on sand which will be easy blown away by wind but if it is for heaven’s glory then it’s will survive the hard winds because is foundation is built on the rock.
Expressing his view from different passages from the Bible, IEF president said the main foundation of spiritual revival is ‘humility,’ which is the foundation of revival. “Humbleness is revival and a person who walks with God in humility has revival. God despises the proud but shows grace to the humble,” he asserted.
Asserting that revival is a time for repentance and healing, he also pointed out that repentance comes only through humility. He exhorted that ‘humility’ means having love and concern for others, of sacrifice and selflessness, and also about going the extra mile for the well-being of others. In this regard, IEF president opined that by having such humble character, one can only walk the path shown by our Lord Jesus Christ and urged the congregation to rededicate their lives to God, live and walk in the path of Jesus Christ so that the Lord would continue to bless the Naga people.
Meanwhile, the Longsa Baptist Church also solemnly gave tribute to five of the believers, who first started the revival fire at Longsa village by giving them a certificate each. The believers were late Rev. Rikum, late Mrs Masarenla, late Mrs Imsürenla, late Mrs Aolemla and former pastor of LBC Tsüknung. Except for former pastor Tsüknung and present IEF president, the certificates for the others were received by their children.

By EMN Updated: Jun 12, 2017 12:16:41 am