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Longleng RMSA teachers demand for salary

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2014 10:08 pm


Taking note on the personal response and information received from the RMSA Directorate and the Directorate of School Education Kohima, the Longleng RMSA teachers has demanded the DEO Longleng to immediately release the ‘long pending salary’ of RMSA teachers from October 2013 till date and arrears of 2013.
Hongpa Phom and Joseph, RMSA Teachers Longleng, in a press release questioned the DEO Longleng for his failure to release the salary of the Longleng RMSA Teachers on regular basis despite the sanction and directive of the higher authority to release the salary regularly.
It has also questioned the DEO as to why the salary/arrears 2013 for Longleng districts is kept pending for such a number of months, while the rest of the districts are being paid regularly as per the directives of the RMSA/DoSE and therefore asked the DEO to provide a valid reasons. It also maintained that the teachers cannot afford to serve with an empty stomach anymore and would not tolerate the non-uniformity in payment with other districts and therefore cautioned to resort to agitation and boycott classes (NO PAY, NO WORK) April, if the concerned authority fails to release the pending salary and arrears of 2013 at par with other districts.
Further, the teachers has reminded that, the 29th March 2014 meeting will be held at PSC Office Longleng at 10 am and cautioned members who fail to turn up would be doing at their own risk and the house will not be held responsible for any issues affecting them.

By EMN Updated: Mar 31, 2014 10:08:12 pm