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Longleng citizens hard on liquor & trafficking

By EMN Updated: Sep 02, 2014 10:23 pm

P. Angbhen Phom

CITIZENS of Longleng district has become hardcore vigilante in the district. The cursed effect of liquor in inclusive sense and larger social harassment has made responsible citizens of the land restless and working. Different bodies or groups are being formed to restrict such activities within the concern jurisdictions.
In most of the villages, Village councils function under a constitution which can terminate its members if found to be addicted under or using/consuming any sort of substance abuse. Mawang Organization is formed by a group of conscious concern Yachem Village menfolk.
The team now has become inclusive accommodating almost all responsible citizen members of the village.
For more than one year, the team member has been sweating out their time, money and creativity in sealing out trafficking, selling and consumption of any substance abuse.
Mawang Organization carefully monitors the life and functions of the yachem citizens. The organization is being loudly applauded and supported by all the members and bodies of the village and others.
Meanwhile, there exists an indigenous group called Shemluja Aso comprising of male members from the age group above 18 years in Yaongyimchen Village. The group is active in the village and restricts selling and consumption of any intoxicating substances.
Women group in all the villages under the district strongly opposes sell of liquor in the respective villages. Student bodies existing in village jurisdictions are also involve in curbing such illegal activities.
For months, a team of committed citizen of Longleng district from the Medical Wing has been keeping a track of vehicle entering the district holding up in the most strategic point like Nyengching and Orangkong with help also from Orangkong Students’ Union.
Passenger Sumo, buses both government and private, private vehicles are being carefully dissected to check possession of any liquor product and marijuana, drugs etc. Till now more than 300 bottles of Rum, whisky have been seized and destroyed on spot and the district traffic point.
The citizens participating in such frisking activities have sounded joy by stating that such action makes them more responsible and discipline. That it makes them appreciate the greater and right values of life instead of leading an alcoholic life, and that they have become much more concern about their family.
The citizen has been investing bulk of their time waiting in the checkpoint under scorching sun and heavy downpour of rains at times. From morning 2 am they are stationed in the check point till 9 am. And by 1 pm noon any passing by citizen will find the team ready for the day’s job. Such responsible action is being highly appreciated by the fellow citizens and also the responsible leaders.
With the team, carefully monitoring the vehicle entry, massive trafficking and possession of any substance abuse products has been curbed. With this, random selling and consumption has also been vastly affected.
The movement started as an effort by the medical wing members to rehabilitate their ward members. The felt was to restrict liquor trafficking in order to discipline its consumption. But it has spread on to larger jurisdiction with popular support from the people and organizations/NGOs.
PBCA Women Department organized fasting and prayer on 26th of July 2014 against use and sell of any intoxicating substances within the Phom tribe. Moreover, the women department and youth department continues to initiate prayers and activities against liquor and its effect.
It is not only the church which is involve in the effort to make the district a dry district; but different citizen constructed bodies is existing and has formed to the existence against trafficking, selling and consumption/use of any substance abuse.

By EMN Updated: Sep 02, 2014 10:23:59 pm