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Monday, February 26, 2024

Loktak authority appeals to refrain from fishing, hunting

By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2024 11:37 pm

IMPHAL — Chairman of Loktak Development Authority (LDA), M Asnikumar Singh, on Tuesday appealed to the public particularly those residing in the vicinity of Loktak Lake to refrain from using the electric shock method of fishing and to cease illegal hunting of waterfowls especially migratory birds using firearms.

Highlighting the ecological significance of Loktak Lake, Asnikumar emphasised its role as a cradle of the Manipur civilisation and a vital component in the region’s ecological, socio-economic, and cultural fabric.

Expressing concern over the detrimental impact of those illegal activities on the delicate balance of the ecosystem, Asnikumar urged the public to act as responsible stewards of the Loktak Lake and appealed to embrace a sense of environmental responsibility, reminding them that the use of electric shock for fishing and illegal hunting of water birds/ fowls with firearms not only endangers the unique biodiversity of the lake but also violates the law.

He warned that stringent measures would be taken against those engaging in such practices.

Urging the public to support the LDA in its mission to preserve the natural heritage of the Lake, he reiterated that the cooperation of every individual is crucial in maintaining the fragile ecological balance.

It may be mentioned that the migratory birds from many countries used to spend three-four winter months at Loktak including the 40sq km Keibul Lamjao National Park on its south western part. The park is dotted with phumdis or floating biomass that sustain several species of animals including the rare Sangai (brow-antlered deer), Manipur’s state animal.

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By EMN Updated: Jan 10, 2024 11:37:23 pm
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