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Lok Adalat in the state settles 147 cases

By EMN Updated: Sep 14, 2019 11:31 pm
Judiciary workers at work during the National Lok Adalat or people’s court sittings.

Dimapur, Sep. 14 (EMN):
Legal service institutions across Nagaland conducted the National Lok Adalat, or people’s court, and settled about 147 cases.

The Nagaland State Legal Services Authority issued a press release on Saturday informing about the Lok Adalat. The handout did not mention the date of the proceedings.

The district legal services authorities in the district headquarters constituted eleven Lok Adalat benches. Sittings were conducted by the High Court legal services committee at the Kohima bench of the Gauhati High Court, with Justice Nani Tagia as the presiding officer, the updates stated.

677 disputes were listed with the Lok Adalat. After arbitration and conciliation process, the court was able to resolve and settle 147 cases, the press release stated.

“Settlement amount was also involved in some cases which in total amounts to INR 99,41,305/- only. This settlement amount is the amount mutually agreed for payment between the litigants (or) parties who are involved in a dispute where the parties on arriving at a consensus, the willing amount to settle the disputes for the damaged caused or a negotiated amount for payment on a claim by a party,” the press release explained. Settlement “amount” also includes the fine money, bank recovery money, money suits, compensation money etc, it stated.

The press release stated that the ‘pervasive effort’ made by the judicial officers who acted as presiding officers and the panel lawyers and advocate s as conciliators along with paralegal volunteers were commended.

Officials of banks, insurance companies and institutions were also commended for their enthusiasm and participation in the Lok Adalat, “which resulted in quick and inexpensive settlement with a significant number of settlements with better results.”

‘The Lok Adalat forum has been prevailing in the state and in recent times, it has been gaining popularity and its effectiveness through wide publicity, awareness, participation and education of among the people, the press release stated.

“Usually the Lok Adalat sittings are conducted within the premises of the district court buildings and sometimes camp court and mobile Lok Adalat are also organised by district legal services authorities. Lok Adalat is a platform for the people based on the principle of serving justice on equal opportunity basis, compromise, conciliation and fair play,’ the press release stated.

‘It is not at all a substitute to the present justice dispensation system, but rather a complimentary to achieve speedy justice and a binding resolution.’

By EMN Updated: Sep 14, 2019 11:31:27 pm