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‘Location survey’ for Dimapur-Tizit rail in progress

By Mirror Desk Updated: Sep 10, 2019 12:09 am

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Dimapur, Sep. 9: The final ‘location survey’ for the new Dimapur-Tizit rail line is in progress even as the railway authorities are expecting that Kohima town, the capital town of Nagaland, will be connected by December 2020 with a new broad gauge line from Dimapur.
Recent updates from the ministry of Railways mentioned the detail in a report that stated the progress of railway projects in the Northeast, among other regions in the country.

In a state-wise, railway zone ‘achievements’ report for parliamentary constituencies, the ministry of Railways maintained that Kohima town will be connected by a new broad gauge line from Dimapur and till Zubza, near Kohima, by December 2020. Another line is the 16-kilometre Dhansiri-Sukhobi line the target for which was mentioned to be March 2019.

The details can be had on the website of the Indian Railways.
The 74-kilometre Sukhobi-Zubza line has set the target of December 2020. The project is in progress. The update states that the cost of the project is INR 3000 crore.

Further, the final ‘location survey’ for the new Dimapur-Tizit line is in progress. It has a total length of 257 kilometres and at the cost of INR 4274 crore.

In regard to improvement of passenger amenities, the report maintained that toilets for physically handicapped persons were provided in Dimapur besides ‘improvement’ of waiting hall at the Dimapur station at the cost of INR 1.60 crore. A water vending machine was provided besides a toilet for persons with disabilities.

Push for digital India
As part of the government’s push to make India digital-proficient and empowered, CCTV surveillance was introduced at Dimapur as part of the integrated security system programme. High speed Wi-Fi was provided for the Dimapur station too.

Further, passenger baggage screening systems were provided for the station. Point of sale machines at Dimapur and mechanized cleaning facilities in three stations were some of the progress the updates mentioned.

Concerning improvement of platform services, the report maintained that ‘improvement’ work on platform 2 and 3 of Dimapur station included providing passenger platform sheds and water vats at a cost of INR 1.90 crore. Five passenger reservation systems or PRS and one unreserved ticketing system are operating in Nagaland, the updates stated.

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