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Life Cell updates doctors on stem cell therapy tech

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2015 11:14 pm

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Dimapur, February 11

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ife cell International Private Limited of Gurgaon on Wednesday a continuing medical education conclave on the Life Cell stem cell banking and stem cell therapy for doctors of Nagaland. The event was staged in Hotel Acacia in Dimapur on February 11.The conclave is the first of its kind in Nagaland. Medical Director Brig.Dr.Paramjit Dhot addressed the group.
Giving an account about the prospects of stem cell banking and stem cell therapy, Brig.Dr.Paramjit Dhot said stem cells were self-renewing which can give rise to more specialized cells in the human body, such as muscle cells, blood cells and brain cells. They can be used for curing blood cancers and diseases such as Thalassaemia and cerebral palsy. The sources of stem cells are from the bone marrows, peripheral blood stem cells, and cord blood stem cells and cord tissue stem cells, he said.
Core blood stem cells are said to be collected after a baby’s birth from the umbilical cord. It is then stored in liquid nitrogen. The shelf life of stem cells are said to be of 23.5 years. About 1, 27 000 cord blood are said to be stored in Chennai and about 30,000 cord blood transplants done globally. Life cell International is said to be the only cord blood bank in the world with storage facilities in Chennai and Delhi and 43 transplant centers, Brig.Dr.Paramjit Dhot said.
With cord blood transplants, he said, eighty diseases can be cured and irrespective of disease. The procedure costs about 4-5 lakhs for the transplanting process but the cost also depends on the weight of a patient, he said.
The local office for Life Cell in Nagaland is Faith Hospital in Dimapur.

By EMN Updated: Feb 11, 2015 11:14:17 pm