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Lhothavi now energy efficient village

By EMN Updated: Dec 03, 2014 12:32 am


The initiation of Lhothavi Village Council (LVC) to bring CFL Energy Efficient Village for over 3 years has finally marked its achievement as ‘100% CFL Energy Efficient Village.’
Lhothavi village which is said to be adopted by the Land Resources Department for Special Programme on Environmental and Economic Development (SPEED) received electricity from February 28, 1987 onwards.
The villagers in an interaction said that they chose CFL energy as it consumes less power by way of saving energy and preserving the environment for generations ahead. The achievement has set an example for tackling power crisis in the state and has encouraged the other villagers to adopt such safety measures in order and eradicate electric problem.
Lhothavi village with over 700 populations has around 100 households who are now living in 100% CFL Energy Efficient village.
Special guest SDO Electrical Chumukedima, Kenyebu Kebben while inaugurating the programme said, the achievement of the Lhothavi village as 100% CFL Energy Efficient village is first of its kind in Nagaland which has marked a record in the history of electricity in the state.
He said in today’s techno-age where energy has become one’s basic needs, it is the responsibility of every individual to save energy. The village has shouldered its responsibility of saving energy and set a positive example to other villagers, he added.
He said, one way of saving energy is to use CFL in place of incandescent bulb which is four times more efficient than incandescent bulb which can save 50-80% energy.
While appreciating the village’s achievement, Kebben expressed the department’s expectation and corporation from each consumer to use power judiciously for days ahead.
The village today has nil incandescent bulb usage. Alongside the inaugural programme, the Lhothavi Village Baptist Church also hoisted the 42-feet-Christmas star.

By EMN Updated: Dec 03, 2014 12:32:55 am