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LFIC celebrates freshers’ day

By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2023 7:50 pm
Akabo Swu and Imtibenla Pongen, along with other participants, during the freshers’ day celebration of LFIC at the LFI auditorium, Dimapur.

DIMAPUR — The Livingstone Foundation International College (LFIC) celebrated its third freshers’ day on August 26 at the LFI auditorium, Dimapur, with L Mongkum Jamir, president of the Business Association of Nagas (BAN), gracing the event as the guest of honour.

Speaking on the occasion, Jamir enlightened the students about life, telling them that they are the masters of their fate, the architects of their lives, and the ones behind the wheel. He encouraged the freshers and students to broaden their horizons and step outside of their comfort zone.

He also emphasised three important life principles: responsibility, never making excuses, and never complaining, and elaborated that responsibility, broken down into simpler terms, means the ability to respond to any challenges.

Jamir also highlighted his experience and challenges, but despite these, he maintained the attitude of never making excuses and remained focused on his goals. He quoted Henry Ford’s adage “Never complain, never explain” and encouraged people to view challenges as opportunities.

He challenged the young minds not only to enter the government sector, but also to enter the private sector and give back to society. He encouraged the freshers to make the most of their college experience by working together, celebrating differences, and embracing diversity.

Marnenla Jamir, B.A. third semester student from the English department, hosted the formal session. Ingauringle, assistant professor in the department of History, invoked God’s presence, and Ameka k. Assumi, B.A. fifth semester student from Psychology department, and Swuka I Swu, a B.A. first semester student from the Political Science department, delivered speeches on behalf of the seniors and juniors, respectively.

The judges for the third Mr. and Miss Fresher LFIC were Vitoka Assumi, Mr. Sumi 2021, Shelly Achumi, Miss Queen of Nagaland 2022, and Vesulu Thingo, assistant professor in the department of Commerce.

Akabo Swu and Imtibenla Pongen were crowned Mr. and Miss Fresher 2023, while Swuka Swu and Shelilo Swu were named Mr. Popular and Miss Congeniality, respectively

The programme was attended by several guests, dignitaries, and executives from other colleges.

Earlier, Dr. R.K. Behera, the principal of the college, in his welcome address, encouraged the freshers to do their best and mentioned that the LFIC family would always be there for them.

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By EMN Updated: Aug 27, 2023 7:50:56 pm
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