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Letter to the ENSF

By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2015 11:27 pm

The President
Eastern Nagaland Students’ Federation
Tuensang: Nagaland.


At the outset, the undersigned on behalf of Yimchunger Akheru Arih-ako (YAA) salutes the ENSF for their yeoman contributions for the welfare and interest of Eastern Nagaland students. And in as much as YAA, as the constituent body of ENSF, acknowledges the good deed and tireless efforts of the Federation it also anticipates from the Federation to adjudge the confronting issues in all fairness.
While sharing grieve with the bereaved families of the students who were killed in the mishaps of imbroglio arisen between the brothers of Yimchunger and Chang Communities, YAA equally urge upon the ENSF to take cognizance of the needs of the homeless students of Yimchunger who fled Tuensang Town, running hither and thither seeking admissions in schools across the State and thus invite your attention for necessary intervention from your end as under: –
1. Whereas the sporadic, insolent arson attack and ransacking of Yimchungers houses at Tuensang Town and C/Saddle rapidly by Changs and murdering a Yimchunger police personnel by first assaulting him in his kitchen and later dragging him out from the hospital though guarded by the police led our people to flee the Town, which not only made our people vagabonds but also jeopardized the career of hundreds of students. Further, the students who are still on the run are facing the extreme misery of getting admissions even in the Government Schools thus YAA urge the ENSF to make mass appeal to all concerned for the kind accommodation of Yimchunger students wherever they seek admissions.
2. And whereas more than 1700 houses of Yimchungers with its approximate 15000 population are dispersed in every nook and corner of the State and the cause of it has its root in the vandalisation of the houses of Yimchunger public by Changs in Tuensang Town, YAA appeal ENSF to ponder upon the pathetic fate of those affected students of entire Yimchunger families of Tuensang Town.
3. And whereas with the arrangement of temporary NBSE Exam Centre, hundreds of Yimchunger students had to shift to Shamator haphazardly for their Board Exams in turmoil without getting proper time to study due to communal tension which
may effect in yielding poor result. In addition, many students had to sacrifice their current academic year exams, YAA urge the ENSF to take cognizance of far-reaching effect on the lives of affected students.
4. And whereas in the future event of similar incidents of the present Tuensang crisis and like that of the previous Kiphire incidents wherein the entire Yimchunger community were forced to flee the Town leading to mass exodus which has a direct ramification in the life of Yimchunger students’ both academically and psychologically, the ENSF is anticipated to intervene bonafide for the welfare and in the interest of Eastern Naga Family in general.

In as much as YAA, as a constituent unit of ENSF, anticipates to timely intervene for the interest of Eastern Nagaland students’ community from ENSF, it also call upon the ENSF to kindly look into the grievances of Yimchunger students by raising the issues with the competent authority for necessary relief and consideration and for which act YAA shall remain ever grateful.
Yours faithfully,
Vice President General Secretary

By EMN Updated: Feb 17, 2015 11:27:01 pm