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Letter to the Editor

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2018 12:18 am

Regarding the circular issued by the Chief Secretary, Govt.of Nagaland, vide circular No.CON-1/G/33/2008, Dated Kohima the 30th of April, 2018, regarding the consultative meeting of all Tribal Hohos convened by the Political Affairs Committee(PAC) Concerning the ongoing peace talks and the Women’s Reservation Policy for ULBs, I am greatly surprised and confused to see that the Kuki Inpi Nagaland( KIN) has not been included in the list of invited Hohos for the deliberation on such important issue concerning our state and our future. When the kukis had been a founding member of Naga Club and subsequently a signatory of the memorandum submitted to Simon Commission which became the backbone of Naga Politics and the state apparatus that we all enjoy, and having participated in the Naga Movement and all the important historical events on the same footing with other fellow Naga Tribes of Erstwhile Naga Hills and the present Nagaland till today, it makes us feel sidelined when the apex Kuki body in Nagaland is not invited for such serious deliberations. It might aswell be counted as unfair and unjust! It also doesn’t augur well for a government when it have such biased attitude towards its subjects, and what more, to a founding member! Hence the Govt. is reminded to review the list of Tribal Hohos invited for the said meeting. If it is firm on its decision, it should also explain the reasons for it. One would also like to know whether the two sitting MLAs of 5 Ghaspani-II and 6th Tenning AC have done anything to voice out these issues that affect people of their constituencies.

Thank you
David Hanneng

By EMN Updated: May 10, 2018 12:18:53 am