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Letter to President NNC

By EMN Updated: Jun 25, 2016 12:07 am

Dear Madam.
First of all I would like to congratulate you and thank you for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to meet you today for sharing of our heavy responsibility. That by the grace of the Almighty God the door of the Naga Political final settlement is opened to us and for which I thankful the Prime Minister of India Shri. Narendra Modiji that there shall be no more war between the GOI and the Nagas and signed a Peace Accord on 3rd August 2015 between the two Nations by the GOI and the Nagas led by NSCN (IM ) and now the process of amicable and honourable settlement is on the way which will be involved with all section of the Nagas that the over ground and under ground Nagas to settle the issue as one and for all.

That Madam, you are well aware that the Nagas have greatly changed their living standard during the last about 50-60 years due to Naga Political issue based on 1951 Naga Plebiscite conducted under the leadership of your father Shri.A.Z Phizo, the President of NNC who already gave his life for the Nagas during the 1990 and the Nagas buried him at Kohima and written his name as the Father of Naga Nation on his memorial stone at New Secretary area, Nagaland.

That to speak the truth, that due to non settlement of Naga political issue the Naga National Political Group ( NNPG ) has divided into many factions, but all of them are from the offshoots of the NNC only. And as such, no faction or group have right to claim that he/she is the right group for the Nagas and the other factions or group are wrong party. All of them must come together into one conclusion point while the final settlement is to take place. And now this is the right time for the whole Nagas to achieve the Naga common goal as endorsed by the Nagas.

That Madam, by the Grace of Almighty God, the time of the Naga Political final settlement has come to us during your leadership and your life time we are to achieved the final goal of the NNC which field is already ripe. Come forward and settle the issue with the other NNPG and fulfil the dream of your father. During the life time of your father A.Z Phizo the father of Naga Nation, he said that though you have demanded Rupee one you may be sold out it at 75 paisa if the same amount is reasonable for the Nagas.

I on my behalf and on behalf of the whole Naga village Chief ( GB ) would like to appeal you and your Government to fulfil the dream of your father for the Nagas during your President ship as desired by the Nagas and your authority of presidency ship should not be handed over to any new leader while the opportunity is at in your hand. Come forward and settle the Naga political final goal with the other leaders of the NNPG. Do not missed this opportunity which is at your hand for disposal of the Naga issue.


By EMN Updated: Jun 25, 2016 12:07:03 am