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Letter of Grievance to Chairman, Marcofed

By EMN Updated: Sep 06, 2018 1:18 am

This is to apprise you of the setback being faced by the consumers of Marcofed Agency and for your kind and necessary action. That Sir, the price of the LPG has skyrocketed with the latest amount being Rs. 1000/-, understanding the fact that Rs. 50 as additional service charge is being levied for delivery to colony sites and few rupees deposited back in one’s bank account. However the quoted price of Rs 950 is exorbitant and also not in parity with the other LPG agencies which are usually lower then Marcofed. The other reason is the delay in the delivery dates, which is ideally expected to be refilled after 21 days. However in the context of the deliveries made for the various colonies near North Police Station, Kohima, for the convenience of all, the delivered dates are as 27/12/17, 6/3/18, 2/5/18, 13/7/18 and the latest being on 5/9/18. Such interruption in the supply, results in untold misery, when every modern day kitchen does not have a fireplace and burning of wood as fuel is highly discouraged these days. On the other hand the Government discourages the sale and use of induction cooker, how can anyone run their kitchen in this crisis?. No wonder, the vanishing trick results in wide availability of such LPG in the Black Market, which some are compelled to buy and that in turn encourages the back marketers.

The matter of the long gap in the delivery after the due date was informed to the Kezieke Office, Kohima by few concerned individuals months ago. Yet the Manager has failed to address to our grievance satisfactorily and this set back remains.

In the light above, I called upon you to serve the public by virtue of being a public servant and address the setbacks. I hope and pray that your kind self will demonstrate your abled leadership and intervene for the welfare of the MARCOFED Consumers in Nagaland.

Kind Regards
Ketho Angami
Mission Road, Kohima

By EMN Updated: Sep 06, 2018 1:18:13 am