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Tuesday, December 12, 2023
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Let’s not dwell on the past; time to bury hatred — SC Jamir

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: May 21, 2022 1:49 am
Dr. SC Jamir speaking at inauguration programme of Aongza Ki in Mokokchung on Friday. (EM Images)

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Mokokchung, May 20 (EMN):
Reacting to NSCN (IM)’s recent rebuttal to his opinion on the Naga political issue, veteran Naga politician and former Nagaland Chief Minister Dr. SC Jamir said ‘individual harassment is not a genuine political approach’ but pondering on better future is.

Addressing a press conference at his residence in Mokokchung on Friday, Jamir asserted that Naga political issue is not a fractional issue but Nagas’ issue; not a private company but belongs to the Nagas.

‘Let’s us not dwell on the past; time has come for us to ponder what to do now and how to design the future,’ he said. But resorting to individual harassment instead of speaking good words in the end (final stage of settlement) is not a genuine political approach, he added.

He said that ‘if we really have the compassion, care and love for the people; if we dream for a better Nagaland, I think this is time to bury hatred and come to a common platform and make Nagaland a strong, united, peaceful, and prosperous state comparable to other advanced states in the country’.

He further appealed to both the leaders of Naga political groups (NPGs) and civil societies not to indulge in personal and pity quarrels but hammer out their differences; come together not only physically but also mentally and cherished the Naga values of honesty, courage, determination and endurances.

“With all these attributes; if we can build a new Nagaland, it should be a bright future for both Naga people and the whole country,” he said.

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On sovereignty, integration

He believed that all important points including international situation, India and Nagaland contemporary situation might have been discussed during 20 years of negotiation, after which the Framework Agreement (FA) was signed between the NSCN (IM) and GoI in 2015.

‘I believe the Framework Agreement was signed consciously with full understanding of the implications and content of the document,’ he said, adding that the Agreed Position was also signed between the WC-NNPGs and GoI in 2017.

In this regard, he claimed there is no mention of ‘sovereignty and integration’ in both the agreements and that the NSCN (IM) and WC-NNPGs were called to Delhi before October 31 in 2019 for confirmation.

On flag and constitution

Jamir further said he had met Prime Minister of India twice and Home Minister ones, and their stand was very clear, that: “India is one Nation, India is one country and constitution of India is only one; there will be only one flag and only one constitution of India.”

In this connection, he said ‘we should ponder how to unite the Nagas to reach the goal by supporting each other’.

He also lamented the current situation, saying that governance has almost collapsed and people are not free internally due to multiple taxations.

“If Nagaland is not built on Christian values, it would be a dark future for the future generation,” he warned.

“The present leadership should give a legacy of brighter, stronger united Nagaland,” he added.

‘Let us take care of this present. Once we decide to have a healthy and prosperous present, I think the future will definitely be in a better position than now,’ he continued.

On integration and solution timeframe

When asked about “integration” that had been adopted several times by the Nagaland Assembly through resolutions, Jamir said there is no consensus among the concerned states and the Centre has no power to slice away the territory of any state without their approval, and there lies the problem. Even though we have passed resolution, other states say ‘NO’ and ‘the matter ends there’, he said.

When asked when the final solution is expected, he said “all efforts are being made; I think we will have a settlement before the next election”.

Citing BJP’s manifesto “Election for solution” in the previous state assembly election, he said ‘it very important for a political party to implement and fulfill election manifesto’.

‘I believe that they would take this matter seriously,’ he added.

Aongza Ki inauguration programme

Speaking at the inauguration programme of Aongza Ki in Mokokchung held on the same day, Friday, Jamir lamented the existence of a problem “which is pulling us back even though we want to run” in the pursuit of peace unity and progress.

‘People want to speak but they are afraid; want to work but lack platform; want to unite but there are more people who want to delude it; want to rebuild but there are many who want to destruct,’ he opined.

He added politics is ‘like a garden that is well fenced and protected but today the fence has been penetrated, which is why it has become difficult to distinguish who is who’, but it’s the people who sowed it.

‘Today, Nagaland today is suffering from the famine of truth; it is difficult to speak out what is white and what is black, therefore, to be free from this problem, we need truth in our society,’ said Jamir.

He also said that everyone has the right to express their opinions on the Naga political issue as well.

‘They (NPGs) should come out with the decision they have taken for the Nagas, wherein people can express Yes or No, and we must ask for time to deliberate if there is something that may prove futile for the future of Nagas,’ he said.

“Naga people cannot be led into the slaughter house but should seek an amicable solution,” he added.

He also observed that today’s youths do not have much courage to speak and stand for truth. Stressing on the importance of excellence, he encouraged the youths to become indispensable in their respective fields for the Naga society.

NLA Speaker Sharingain Longkumer and minister Metsubo Jamir also spoke at the event.

By Imrongkumba Aier Updated: May 21, 2022 1:49:52 am
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