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Let the truth, not lies prevail- NPF Kohima Division

By EMN Updated: May 27, 2016 12:19 am

The attention of the Kohima Division Naga People’s Front has been drawn to several write-ups which have appeared in the local media in the aftermath of the suspension of Shri. Neiphiu Rio, Hon’ble MP Lok Sabha from the NPF party.
Sheer venom bordering to libelous and oftentimes defamatory allegations have been made against the respected party President Dr. Shürhozelie and the Hon’ble Chief Minister TR Zeliang, by certain individuals who are not known to be such fluent writers, and also by unauthenticated and unverified writers assuming fancy pseudo-names have been published in the local media. It is interesting that wild allegations are being made against the afore-mentioned leaders by writers whose articles and opinions never make it to the press but only at such times when Shri. N. Rio has been caught with pants down, for instance, during the political crisis last year when Shri. Rio’s attempt to prop up Shri. Kaito boomeranged on his face and the dung hit the ceiling fan; and the recent time when he was taken to task by the NPF party for attempting once-too-many-time attempt to topple the party led DAN Government headed by his friend TR Zeliang.
Nevertheless, these writers have raised various issues some of which need to be replied, while many other point need just be flushed down the gutter as sheer nonsense. 1. Some so-called concerned citizens of Kohima Town dubbed Dr. Shürhozelie has having “a blackened, mean, prejudiced and narrow-minded” heart who is Tenyimia-centric. Was such a tag given to him when he, as party President, supported Shri. Rio in 2004 revolt against Shri. N. Rio’s leadership by majority of the NPF Legislators (18 in favour of shri Obed and 13 for Rio), which ensured Rio to continue as Chief Minister? If the party President’s Decision to ensure a stable Government by supporting TR Zeliang is wrong now, his decision to ensure Rio’s Ministry during DAN-I too, surely must be wrong. And did the writers who are crying foul against his decision do the same during DAN-I? Did they ask the then Chief Minister to step down on the grounds that he was a minority Chief Minister? Did they say Dr. Shürhozelie was a Tenyimia-centric those year? Was Dr. Shürhozelie criticized as having heart than? No, nary a word of such likeness was said then. Everything was hunky-dory then because their mentor, their demi-god Shri. Rio was at helm of affairs taking good care of their interests, one imagines! What is wrong now, was not wrong then because Rio’s interests were concerned! And these are the same people who are talking about “heights of hypocrisy”!
2. Reconciliation within the NPF party is being talked about by these very same people as if it is a one-way traffic: as if the present leadership should forgive and forget while the former dissident group and the ring leaders should continue to do their best to topple the party-led Government at every given opportunity. If these would realize that the present dispensation had, post-April 30, 2015 Emergent General Convention of the NPF, gone all out to accommodate the former dissident group when most of them were inducted into the ministry in various capacities, and their supporters accommodate in various positions within the party President and the Chief Minister who were trying to dismantle the house of the NPF? Was it the Chief Minister and his Cabinet colleagues trying to topple the present dispensation? It I petty obvious as to who was harbouring unholy desires of returning to State politics and working zealously to achieve those desires. And to ensure that the party –led Government runs smoothly without any hindrance from any quarter, what were the options before the party and the President but to suspend the membership of the ring leaders who were doing damage to the party so they mend their ways and return to the party-fold? Indeed, nothing can be more foolish than to be” Completely blinded by power, money, personal revenge and political vendetta”!
3. Concerned citizen who re not part of any political party may be forgiven for their ignorance about the functioning of a political party. Even Organisations in a village have bye-laws and constitution to follow. And the Naga People’s Front, as a responsible political party, has rigid set rules and regulations to guide it. And we are given to understand that what appears to be an extreme measures taken by the party, namely, suspension of the Lok Sabha MP, was taken after months of observation of Rio’s activities, and thorough deliberations by the party leaders. Of course, it is not expected that the party consulted these so-called attend the funeral service of the departed leader the next day. But then, why drag in the name of a leader who is no more with us into controversy just to gain brownie political points?
4. Certain writers have asked the silence of the president on the qualification issue of he Chief Minister, but these writers have maintained a deafening silence on the qualification issues of the Hon’ble MP, Lok Sabha which had also made it to the front pages of the local Newspapers! Obviously, an oversight was made by both the leaders while filing their nomination papers. But for some, it appears that it is perfectly alright for one to do so, while it is unforgivable that the other had done the same. It the President can be criticized of maintaining silence over the issue of qualification of one, why should not he be criticized for silence over the other too? This kind of selective questioning is unhealthy and only goes to show the bias, the bitterness the writers harbor in their minds and hearts.
5. Aspersions have also been cast on the integrity of the President saying he is responsible for the present misunderstanding in the NPF and that he is responsible for all the perceived negative developments in the party. Shri. Rio also been equated with veteran regionalists like the President when members of Rio’s fan club dubbed him. Rio, as a founder of the regional party. As has been pointed out on more occasions than one, the regional party United Front was formed in Nagaland in the latter part of 1963 by visionaries such as late Kevichusa, late Vizol, late Tajen amongst others. Rio, born on November 11, 1950 was barely in his teens than and could hardly be said as a contemporary of the above-mentioned founders. Dr. Shürhozelie, who contested and joined the 2nd Nagaland Legislative Assembly in 1969 as a UDF candidate, has not equated himself for once as a founder member of the regional party in Nagaland. And many of us consider him as the father of the regional party we presently belong to.
It is not the intension of the NPF Kohima Division to antagonize any one or to please any one. But it is our sincere desires that misunderstandings should be sorted out amicably between parties concerned in a civilized manner instead of heaping one’s ire and venom on each other. At the same time, while voicing out one’s opinions in the media, it will be only fair that arguments should be based on truth and points supported by facts. Moreover, one should keep in mind that this is not a personal battle between individuals, but having to do with principles and ideologies.
Therefore, personal attacks should not be avoided as far as possible.

Press Secretary
Kohima Division

Kohima Division

By EMN Updated: May 27, 2016 12:19:53 am