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Liba Hopeson, BTC, Pfutsero

[dropcap]O[/dropcap]h! Another pimple, disgusting! I hate pimples. Why always pimples? Why? Many really hate pimples. One of their greatest enemies is pimple. Thus, when they see any pimple in their tender face, they grumble and complain. Especially for those who are very much concerned about beauty or good look, the thought of pimple will linger on their minds and immensely upset them.Some are really impatient with pimples. Before it is time to squeeze it out, they would touch it as if it is a compulsion. If we start touching or squeezing a pimple, we get tempted to touch it more and more. As we keep on touching, it becomes bigger and bigger. When the pimple becomes big as a result of constant touch, remorse strikes us.
I have heard someone expressing regret saying, if I have not touched or squeezed it early, it shouldn’t be like this. Now my pimple becomes very big; it’s very ugly to look. Since pimple is touched frequently before time comes, it takes longer time to squeeze it out. This is the result of being impatient and being unable to abstain from touching when the time has not yet come.
In our life, we see and come across many fascinating and enticing things. Food could be a temptation for us. They may not be inherently bad or spoilt, and eating may not be wrong, but there are times we need to abstain from certain food due to different reasons such as high BP, low BP, gastritis, fever, diabetes, and other health problems. But, if it is pleasant to our eyes or we know that it will be delicious and tasty, we find hard to abstain. Though we are sure that it will affect our health, we just want to taste little bit. The idea, ‘just a little’ controls our mind and overpowers us. When we eat little, we find that it’s tasty. So, we take it again. Then, slowly, we eat and eat and consume much. Yes, we relish eating which is tasty or delicious. When we eat a lot, out mouth is gratified, but what is the consequence? The result is pain, suffering and regret. I have experienced it and I have seen many people regretting and complaining for failing to abstain in certain foods or drinks. They are like those who regret for touching pimples before it’s time to squeeze out.
I’m just throwing a simple example on food habits. There are many other things which we know to be bad, but we do deliberately and fall due to lack of patience. Many take huge bribes today because they have tasted by taking little amount initially. They find hard to give up because they have developed the habit of accepting bribe and thus become their daily cup of tea. In matters of tax, fraud and other forms of graft too, starts in a small way. At first, when they get advice from people not to do or involve, they don’t listen. So, though they come to know that it’s bad or illegal lately, they find hard to stop or give up because they have experienced and touched several times. It become like a person who do not listen to the voice of his/her friends not to squeeze pimple when it is not time, and become visible ultimately.
In fact, many big things start with small things. When it becomes big, it becomes difficult to give up though it is not good, because the time-long practice and taste have already fettered those people who practice. Nonetheless, their conscience and instinct tells them not to do certain things, but they ignore those precious voices coming from inside and they continue to do. Like Paul’s writing, there are certain things which we consider to be unlawful for us but they may not be beneficial. However, with the idea that it is lawful for us, we do certain things though they may not be beneficial for us. My argument is, a thing may be lawful for us, but it may not be God’s absolute will or indispensable. Therefore, if something is not helpful or beneficial for our life, at times, we ought to abstain from it. With the idea of liberty and enjoyment, we involve in many things which ultimately bring obnoxious and detrimental results.
When we yield to a small temptation, in the future, we yield easily to bigger temptations. Little is much when God is with us, and little is much in matters of falling from temptation. The idea – this is not sinful or unlawful, it’s ok – is a big trap in our life. A person who touch the pimples know that it’s not yet time to squeeze it out, but he/she touch it out of uncontrollable desire. Likewise, we know that it’s not good to do something, but we do it out of curiosity and lack of patience. So the marks of our actions enlarge and become more visible like big pimples.
What shall we do to overcome it? Sometime, we abstained from touching a pimple though it is big and disturbing. But it does not enlarge as we don’t touch it. At the right time we squeeze it out. If it is done properly, we don’t see the mark after few days. So, even in our life, when we come across something which is tempting to do, but we know that it’s not good, if we tolerate and abstain from doing it, we experience happiness and joy. There are times we think back and say to ourselves, ‘if I did that, I may struggle now or if I did that, the consequence wouldn’t be good. So, let us be patient in life! Being patient is a big deal, but its fruit is sweet. Let us not forget that human wants are unlimited! Let us learn something new and worthwhile from pimples!

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