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“Lenten Agreement” lifts hope of Senior Citizen

By EMN Updated: Apr 01, 2014 10:26 pm

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]enten Agreement signed by the leaders of the Naga political groups is yet another welcoming steps towards our most desired aspiration “The Naga Political Solution with India”. Since the initiative of the Forum for Naga Reconcilaition (FNR) we have seen all the different Naga Groups pledging to undertake the journey of common hope, we have also seen formation of Naga National Government in the Naga Concordant. Having committed to bury all the differences and unitedly fight for the Naga rights, we the Naga citizens fully endorse faith and support for Naga reconciliation but only to be baffled in the Naga public reconciliation meet 29th Feb., 2012 where some of the Naga leaders had clearly shown their ulterior motives against the interest of the Nagas and against the commitment they have made for our Nation. It is now clearly evident that the leaders of the Indian nation have time and again demonstrated their non-commitment to resolve into Naga political issue. Naga people cannot be fooled for all the time in the name of ceasefire and peace so as loyalty, support and prayer cannot be just wasted in the name of many declarations and reconciliations unless it is a genuine one. No government or leaders can have the ultimate right for the Naga people but the Naga people only.The Concerned Senior citizen Forum Mokokchung while welcoming the “Lenten Agreement” and appreciating the tireless spirit and commitment of the FNR members and the leaders in general call upon all the different political leaders to be more committed and firm to “God given oppurtunity” of one united Naga people. The Concerned Senior Citizen Forum also call upon all the Naga organizations, churches and good citizens to partake in the unity and reconciliation move. May this be a stepping stone towrads fighting for solution to unfinish ends-Naga Political problem.

1. Temjenkaba 2. Aoshingang 3. Lanukaba
4. Mangko 5. L.B. Namo 6. Lanuteka
7. Dr. Lanu Lkr 8. Prof. Sangyu
Members of the forum.

By EMN Updated: Apr 01, 2014 10:26:10 pm