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Legislators inspect quarantine centre at Lerie colony

By EMN Updated: May 20, 2021 10:06 pm
(L-R) Medo Yhokha along with Dr. Neikiesalie Kire and Tongpang Ozukum during the inspection in Jubilee Memorial Hall at Lerie colony on May 20.

Dimapur, May 20 (EMN): Minister and Kohima district task force (DTF) in-charge, Tongpang Ozukum, along with host of officials visited the Jubilee Memorial Centre (JMC) at Lerie colony on May 20. The centre was freely granted to Kohima district task force by the Kohima Ao Baptist Arogo (Kaba) to be utilised as quarantine facility for healthcare workers of Nagaland Hospital Authority Kohima (NHAK) during the Covid pandemic time.

An update from the minister’s press secretary stated that Ozukum has thanked Kaba on behalf of Kohima DTF and the government for coming forward and granting the centre to be utilised as quarantine centre by the NHAK officials and staffs.

The minister also mentioned that even last year Kaba came to the fore and allowed the Kohima district task force to utilise the facility for almost five months, which was a big relief for the DTF as well as the government in times of need.

The minister observed that the JMC building, with its well planned and designed, could be utilised for many purposes particularly in time of Covid-19 pandemic. He also said that the willingness and charitable offer of the facility to the DTF by Kaba shows their concern for the people and their commitment to fight the pandemic.

Advisor and member of DTF Kohima, Medo Yhokha, also thanked Kaba on behalf of the government of Nagaland and the citizens of Kohima for coming forward with their ‘charitable initiatives towards humanity’. He shared his concern about certain individuals who were constantly critical and finding faults with allegations on the efficacy of the state government and other frontline institutes on handling the current pandemic.

Terming the current situation as an extraordinary time, the advisor impressed upon the gathering that the fight to overcome the pandemic should be everybody’s responsibility. He added that the responsibility should not be left to the Medical department and government alone.

“Until and unless every citizen comes together, shouldering a common responsibility, no government or authority will be able to effectively control this pandemic as the behaviour of the people will decide the course of these trying times”,  Yhokha stated.

Yhokha, while applauding the effort and contribution by Kaba, various churches and NGOs, also welcomed other stakeholders of the district in sharing ‘responsibility’ saying that “together only we will be able to overcome and win over this pandemic.”

Advisor and Kohima DTF member, Dr. Nicky Kire, expressed his gratitude on behalf of the DTF, Kohima, for allowing the use of the well maintained Jubilee Memorial Centre, to accommodate the frontline and healthcare workers.

The advisor also appreciated the forethought of Kaba to come up with a concept of constructing a building which would cater to one and all in times of need. He also requested the residents of Lerie colony not to oppose the initiatives of the district task force which was taken in the greater interest of the frontline and healthcare workers.

The minister was accompanied by advisor Dr. Nicky Kire, advisor Medo Yhokha, finance secretary and nodal officer Kesonyu Yhome,medical superintendent of NHAK Dr. Senti, and host of other officials from the medical fraternity.

By EMN Updated: May 20, 2021 10:06:02 pm