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Legal awareness campaign held at Kohima Science College

By EMN Updated: Aug 18, 2014 12:18 am

Dimapur, August 17

Convener, ACAUT Nagaland (Legal Cell) Kezhokhoto Savi, Advocate appealed to all students and teachers to support and join Imtinaro A. Imsong in her crusade against corruption particularly the practice of nepotism in the legal awareness campaign organized by Kohima Science College Teachers’ Association (KSCTA) at Kohima Science College (Autonomous), Jotsoma, Kohima on August 16.
In the legal awareness campaign, Convener ACAUT Nagaland(legal cell) & National Award recipient Kezhokhoto Savi has highlighted the importance of constituting ‘Lokayuktas’ in the state mainly to check the ministers and public servants/bureaucrats/directors in the practice and indulgence of corruption such as abusing or misusing their powers in executing public duty by way of practicing ‘nepotism’ which is very common in our society especially in appointments, selection or nomination in filling up job vacancies, state reserved quota and seat for engineering, medical and allied courses.
A release cited an example of the recent case of nepotism where the Director of Horticulture(Govt. of Nagaland) has erroneously nominated her own son Imnatemsu Imchen to the seat of B.Sc (Horticulture) Four Years’ Course for the session 2014-15 in Dr.Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni, Solan, Himachal Pradesh without going through any selection or examination and moreover totally deprived the meritorious candidate Watinaro A Imsong the legitimate and authentic nominee for the state of Nagaland.
“We have two candidates – “nepotism candidate son of Director of Horticulture” and “meritorious candidate belonging to a humble family” and both of them are the students of Kohima Science College who have recently passed their Class XII.
Both of them were good and brilliant hard working science students and also they were classmates but the only difference was Imnatemsu Imchen son of Horticulture Director took away the said seat solely on the ground of nepotism whom the mother has kept other departments completely in the dark for which the State Common Selection Board led by the nodal department i.e Directorate of Technical Education after conducting examination and observance of selection norms selected/nominated Imtinaro A. Imsong to the said seat as the legitimate and authentic nominee for the state of Nagaland.
This is a clear case of nepotism and nepotism is corruption. Now the legitimate and authentic nominee for the state of Nagaland has come forward not to allow the power of nepotism to rule the state. Nagaland as a welfare state under the democratic nation where peoples’ voice is more powerful, it is our duty to voice against the wrong doing of the state since the State Government has clearly shows their support towards “nepotism candidate” in a meeting convened by the Chief Secretary to the Government of Nagaland on August 14.”
Savi reminded the crowd of his participation as ACAUT leader in the college auditorium recently saying, ’I’ve not forgotten the words such as we stands against corruption and we are fighting for the students’ bright future where nepotism would not affect their career.”
“ Now the time has come for ACAUT Nagaland as people/students’ movement to go further especially in the case of Watinaro A Imsong where her right has to be restored to make sure that nepotism did not affect her career and for this fight ACAUT Nagaland sincerely appealed to all the college students to extend their full support and join Watinaro A. Imsong who is a friend, classmates & sister to you.
This kind of nepotism is going to affect the present Class XI & XII science students very soon and if we could not do away with this clear case of nepotism then there is no point of having any conduct of selection or examination but just allowed any directors/head of departments to nominate their own sons and daughters considering the state reserved quota and seats as their own.
Besides the topic of lokayuktas, other topic such as medical negligence, human right, consumer rights, environment, national food security act 2013, consumer helpline with toll free No.1800-345-3701, legal services authority, sanitation & ACAUT’s objective were also presented by Y. Wamtoy Phom, Wekhrope Marhu, Yangpila Anar, Wobang Longchar, Azole Tep, Mholemo N, Tsopoe & Mgampha Konyak students of Kohima Law College followed with interaction. “
The session was led by the Kohima Science College Teachers’ Association followed by heavy refreshment.

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