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Leadership training for students

By EMN Updated: Aug 10, 2014 11:47 pm

Dimapur, August 10

Peace Channel organized a leadership-training program under the banner, ‘Passion for Excellence’ on August 9 at Peace Channel Office.
All together 48 students from 7 different schools participated. Speaking on the different kind of leaders, Joshua Sumi, Project Coordinator, Peace Channel spoke on ‘Heart of Leadership’. He encouraged the students to be a leader with the caliber of a person like Jesus Christ. He said that, Jesus’ model of leadership does not stressed on seniority, prestige or status but is characterized by service and giving. He urged the students to unravel the leaders in them and strive for the good of the society.
Jenpu Rongmei, president, Young’s Club also spoke on being a leader in the present. “Leadership is not about tomorrow, it is about the present and what you contribute today”, he said. Any person can start becoming a leader by helping and respecting others, being responsible and bringing people together. Group activities and exercises on leadership comprised the major part of the training.

By EMN Updated: Aug 10, 2014 11:47:02 pm