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Leadership is ability to recognise issue before it becomes trouble — SC Jamir

By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 24, 2019 11:01 pm
Government officials and community members pose for a group photograph during the ‘Kingdom leaders prayer breakfast meet’ on Saturday in Kohima. (EM Images)

Our Correspondent

Kohima, Aug. 24 (EMN): The second edition of a motivational programme ‘kingdom leaders prayer breakfast’ was conducted on Saturday at the De Oriental Grand in Kohima. Various representatives of political parties, civil organisations; and government officials, church and youth leaders attended the event.

Former governor Dr. SC Jamir spoke during the event. He said Christians pray ‘Thy kingdom come’ while asking God to help them ‘build a paradise on earth.’ The features of such a ‘kingdom’ or society will be of peace, unity, harmony and prosperity; a place where there will be no discrimination but only justice. He quoted the words in the Lord’s Prayer, ‘Give us our daily bread.’ Here, the former chief minister of Nagaland talked about the responsibility of leaders of the state and country to provide at least two meals a day to citizens. He spoke about the need for development.

Calling Jesus Christ as a representation of truth, light and love, Jamir urged the gathering to emphasise on the aspect of ‘truth’ as ‘there is a famine and scarcity of truth in the society because Nagaland has lost its values.

“Nagaland has suffered and deviated from the truth and various forces have attacked us,” he said. There should be role models in leadership in Nagaland, he said. He explained leadership to be the ability to recognise a problem before it becomes an ‘emergency’: “A leader can foresee the gathering storm,” he observed. He said that a leader should have the capacity to see what would happen in the future.

“A leader can translate vision into action,” Jamir said. He spoke of the Prophet Nehemiah’s qualities of good leadership. He was a humble, honest and trustworthy cupbearer in the Bible, Jamir said.

Further, Jamir said that the wall which had protected the Nagas once and given them authority, salvation and peace have now been shattered and broken. The Naga society’s situation replicates the Tower of Babel in the Bible where God confused the workers because of their pride who forgot their Creator.

Recalling that the Nagas were once united with “one goal and one front,” the former governor of Odisha expressed concern at the prevailing situation in the state where many groups and authorities with multiple ‘taxation’ operate and where ‘no one is governing.’

Jamir maintained that the leaders of Nagaland who were elected under the Constitution of India and became part of the administration have abdicated the constitutional authority to illegal ‘unconstitutional groups’ and have became completely helpless.

‘A leader should have the priority to provide at least two meals a day, good roads, give lights through electricity or water to drink through water supply to his people,’ he said and wondered if anyone was concerned about the sufferings, plight and visions of the people.

Further, Jamir said that the Nagas had become too fond and obsessed in mere talking about the past and in organising ‘thanksgiving’ programs. He advised the leaders to ‘grow, design and reinvent’ for a better tomorrow for the people and society. “A leader should not divert the minds of the people from the real situation of the country,” he said. ‘It is high time for the leaders to get to the grassroots and take steps to promote, protect and develop the people,’ he said.

To leaders, Jamir told them that it is through hard work of the people that they can reform and reinvent Nagaland into a land of peace, prosperity and of Christianity. He spoke of prayers that the spirit of Israel to survive and to excel would be upon the Nagas and the spirit of the Singaporeans discipline and neatness would be implanted in their hearts.

Dr. Neiphi Kire, chairman of the Kohima Village Council spoke about how Christianity first came to Kohima village in 1885 and how the villagers embraced Christianity as social change took place.

Kire said it was a joy to see the village growing into a ‘cosmopolitan city’ and becoming a ‘mini-Nagaland’ as the government has started building its institutions and establishments. ‘People from all the tribes in Nagaland come to settle and live together in Kohima, the capital of the state,’ he said.

It is in such a place in the country where not only Christians but Hindus and Muslims build temples and mosques to celebrate their faith and observe their religious rituals in the free, fair and proper manner; freedom of religion exist. The chairman hoped that such traditions and practices would also continue even in other parts of the country.

“Nagaland is said to be ‘Land of Festivals’ but it is also ‘land of churches,’” he said in reference to the churches of different denominations in the state.

Kire hoped that such program as “kingdom leaders prayer leaders meet” would continue to help people become better persons to transform the society. Likewise, he expressed hope that through such a ministry, God will strengthen them spiritually and increase their capacity in resisting the infections of sins.

A church leader, Rev. Yimsung, also spoke at the event. He said that the season has come to make the right choices for the glory of God. In such a defining moment for Nagaland, “We need Godly leaders in the government.” He said people try to seek the places of authority but all authorities are set up by God. Jesus gives authority and not the Church, he said.

The reverend also urged leaders of the government and community, and teachers, family, the media, business community, artists and sportspersons in Nagaland to come closer to God and be instrumental in giving him glory.


By Our Correspondent Updated: Aug 24, 2019 11:01:49 pm