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Leadership change imminent right from start: Imkong Imchen

By EMN Updated: Jan 25, 2015 12:56 am


The change of leadership in the DAN Government was imminent from the day T. R. Zeliang constituted the government, according to Legislature Party spokesperson of the Noke led NPF. He said one fails to understand as to why T R Zeliang should commit such a vital blunder that nobody understands. According to Imkong Imchen, T R Zeliang was given several suggestions and advises led by G. Kaito Aye and Noke Wangnao so as to re- strengthen his ministry and administration. All such sincere and genuine suggestions and advice were silently ignored and rejected, Imkong Imchen stated. In the process of time, seeing the imminent destruction of the party and the government, Neiphiu Rio also tendered his wisdom laden advises to T.R. Zeliang and Dr. Shurhozelie, he added. “However, all such value loaded wisdom systematically fell into their deaf ears. At least we have patiently waited for the last seven months expecting that they will finally address the issue sincerely,” said Imkong Imchen.
He then said the present crises in the party is not a sudden development and not based on any selfish interest nor on any ill-motive but it is an honest attempt towards building a stronger party and a stable government. The majority of NPF legislators are extremely grateful to Neiphiu Rio, former Chief Minister and MP (Lok Sabha) and Khekiho Zhimomi, MP (Rajya Sabha) for voluntarily rendering support by to the majority Legislator group led by G.Kaito Aye, Imkong Imchen further said. “We understand that their value laden wisdom rendered to us is nothing but for the larger interest of the Naga people,” Imkong Imchen added. The unnecessary criticism levelled on Neiphiu Rio is also nothing but a sign of the frustrated mind and a state of a defeatist mind, he also said.
According to Imkong Imchen, one should understand the positive side of the potentialities and unparalleled leadership quality inherent in the person of Neiphiu Rio. There is hardly any member in the present house of DAN alliance who has not taken any support nor help from Neiphiu Rio at some point of their political career. “We only hope and pray that Shri Neiphiu Rio will take such unhealthy criticism sportingly and continue to serve our people as good as he has been trying for the last few decades. Let the Almighty bless and guide him,” the statement of Imkong Imchen added.

‘T R Zeliang and Dr Shurhozelie woo Congress’

Imkong Imchen alleged that chief minister T.R. Zeliang and Dr. Shurhozelie are the ones who are wooing the Congress to support them. “The fact of the matter is that it is T.R. Zelinag and Dr. Shurhozelie who have been wooing the Congress with offers and commitments. It was Dr. Shurhozelie who announced in the meeting of NPF members at the NPF Central Office that are assured of Congress support in the floor of the assembly. We hope that on this occasion he will not deny what he has uttered to his party members. It is because Dr. Shurhozelie announced that they are sure of Congress support that their plan for a special session of the assembly was exposed,” said Imkong Imchen.
He then alleged that T R Zeliang and Dr Shurhozelie have forcefully held ‘honorable MLAs’ under captive confinement in the latter’s hotel at Kohima are now totally dependent on spreading lies and false propaganda against the majority side because they have lost all hope of getting the majority. “On more than two occasions, the BJP has clarified on the false information made by the so called spokesperson Yitachu and the minority Chief Minister in public statements. Now their latest false information is to mislead the public saying that we are wooing the Congress,” He added.
Imkong Imchen then said, “The minority chief minister has failed on all fronts and his poor leadership has adversely impacted the state on all fronts. It is not a question of giving him sufficient time, rather it is a matter of not giving him any more time as in a period of just about seven months his actions have massacred all the good works of the past ten 11 years. T.R. Zeliang and Dr. Shurhozelie should not speak of support from the BJP when they are fully responsible for disqualifying the BJP MLAs. Their double speak will not convince anyone as the wise leaders running the country cannot be fooled by their shameless utterances”.
Shurhozelie has deeply divided the party and brought immeasurable damage upon the image and reputation of the party at the fag end of his political career. “He opined that he was deeply pained by the revelations of corruption but why is he not pained to see the bleeding of the party? Why he is not pained that he has disqualified and expelled nine MLAs under his signature? Why is he not pained to see the party in crisis due to his refusal to accept and respect the majority view?” asked Imkong Imchen.
“We would like to inform the public that we are in the clear majority. We have the overwhelming majority within the NPF and also the overwhelming majority within the DAN and therefore the false propaganda by Dr. Shurhozelie and T.R. Zeliang cannot change any figure. They should stop their horse trading game and negative strategies of kidnapping, intimidation and issuing of threats to the elected members. Rather both the leaders should step aside gracefully before they do any more damage to Naga society,” said the statement of Imkong Imchen.

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