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LBES women dept holds fellowship with women officers

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2017 11:22 pm

Dimapur, Jan 30: Women Department of the Lotha Baptist Churches Association (LBES) conducted prayer and fellowship programme with Lotha women officers on January 28 at the LBES Mission Centre, Vankhosung.

Rev. Nyanchumo Ezung, Executive Secretary LBES, said the invocation prayer.

Dr. Abeni Lotha, Principal of Mount Tiyi College, in her exhortation, said working women in different professions who work at par with the rest of the society face more challenges than others because they bore additional responsibility as a wife, mother and professional who have maintain balance between home and work and still excel in whatever they do in life. She also observed that the task of motherhood is a life-long process adding her wise teachings and guidance will be the foundation of her legacy for her children and others to emulate.

‘The profession and the authority we have in our official capacity is time bound which needs dedication and hard work no matter how challenging they may seem,’ she said.

‘Do not cause harm to anyone by misusing the power of your good office, rather take it as a calling and a gift of opportunity from God to serve the government and the people with humility,’ said Lily Humtsoe, Project Director DRDA, Mokokchung, said education, being the stepping stone of progress for an individual, family and the nation as a whole, we must do our bit to contribute in educating the lesser fortunate ones in order to uplift them in the required areas, she added.

Meribeni Ngullie, Women Secretary LBES, in her welcome address, stressed that the purpose of the fellowship was to thank God and celebrate His blessings in the lives of the women and also to encourage one another to foster unity amongst them to work towards achieving higher goals for the good of all.

Mhalo Yanthan, Women leader WTBC, who was the speaker of the programme, stated that God’s purpose of making them the light for others is to live exemplary lives.

‘You are a flame lid by God by His will, therefore, live in Him and He will lead you to lead the others,’ she said.

During the programme, Lily J Kikon, APRO Bhandari, presented a special number. The programme was led by Mhonyani, chairperson LBES Women Department.

By EMN Updated: Jan 30, 2017 11:22:59 pm