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Law interns find holes in health, welfare facilities

By EMN Updated: Jul 04, 2019 12:28 am
Interns and members of the Nagaland legal services.

Kohima, July 3 (EMN): Law interns being mentored by the Nagaland State Legal Services Authority (NSLSA) as part of an internship programme are said to have observed a number of issues with social and welfare facilities in the state that need redress. For instance, jail inmates or patients in mental health institutes do not wear uniforms, which can be a security concern in case they ‘escape.’

Further, the lack of fences or security guards at observation homes and mental health institutes needs attention from the authorities, the updates issued to the media on July 3 stated.

As the final phase of a summer internship programme conducted by the Nagaland State Legal Services Authority (NSLSA), interns presented comprehensive reports and findings from touring institutions, and from interactive sessions that were held.

The NSLSA issued a press release to the media on Wednesday informing about the programme. The internship commenced on June 17, the updates stated.

The presentations included reports about their visit to district jails, care and observation homes, children and old age homes, mental health institutes and legal clinics.

The press release stated that the interns gained knowledge about free legal aid for women, children including children in custody in protection and juvenile homes, and persons with disability, industrial workers, drug abuse victims, victims of human trafficking or beggars, mental patients, and people whose income is less than a lakh per annum.

“They observed that jail inmates or patients in mental health institutes do not wear uniform which can be unsafe or complicated in case of an escape. Moreover, lack of fences or gates in observation homes or no security guards in mental health institutes was also cited as needing attention from concerned authorities,” the updates stated.

Further, they noted that old age homes and children homes looked after by nongovernmental organisations or individuals faces insufficient funding for food and medical expense.

Also, the update stated of the reports, handicraft training in jails is less effective due to the absence of raw materials and mobility in the market. Therefore, the updates suggested, there should be more vocational training events.

A member-secretary of the NSLSA, Longshithung Ezung, highlighted the role of the NSLSA in assisting and creating awareness on social and legal welfare schemes, besides representing people in need.

Ezung urged the interns to work hard and excel in their career. Certificates of internship were given away by the member, the updates stated.

By EMN Updated: Jul 04, 2019 12:28:15 am