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Laugh out your blues with humour

By EMN Updated: Oct 03, 2013 12:58 am

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NAGA Comedy Arts and Theater Society (NCATS) announced their presence with a debut entertainment evening at the IMC Hall, Dimapur on Wednesday. NCATS launched their act in collaboration with North East Zone Cultural Centre (NEZCC). The news comes as a much needed respite for comedians in the state who have been denied a platform and support.The theatre society also opens up an alternate and additional avenue to utilize innate talent as a profession.
And this challenge was echoed by renowned musician Lipokmar Tzüdir tonight while spelling out the growing need to finding more ways and means towards livelihood.
“With so many issues of unemployment, this is just another way of making a living. And provided we are skillful and talented, we are no lesser than others,” said Tzüdir who also heads the Nagaland Conservatory of Music, Dimapur. He was exhorting the gathering as a special guest.
“Let us encourage our comedians to take centre stage. Once they develop their skills, it will not only help them make a living but also improve the economy of the State as a whole,” Tzüdir stated. On an optimistic note he added that humour may well bring communities closer.
Taking the stage, the NCATS team led by Chuchang didn’t fail to live up to the hopes and expectations of the audience. For 30 minutes the show kept the IMC audience sitting on the edge of their seats with laughter.
The theme of the show ‘Laugh out your blues’, couldn’t have been better termed as the audience included the young and old, men and women all eagerly willing to ‘laugh out their blues’
It’s just been the first night of performance by the NCATS but the audience is already looking forward to more such shows. “This is just the beginning and there’s always room for improvement. With the introduction of NCATS, I look forward to more of these kinds of shows,” remarked a woman in the audience. She also suggested that such shows would do well to both entertain as well as also educate Naga audiences on social issues.
Another attraction at the show was the appearance of renowned folk musician Rewben Mashangva from the hills of Manipur. Northeast pride Rewben Mashangva, accompanied by Ringko Rongmei, enthralled the audience impressively with his beautiful compositions.
Also sharing the stage was a talented comedian singer Woven Lotha from Bhandari under Wokha district.
Earlier, formally launching the NCATS, the CEO of Dimapur Municipal Council, Orenthung Lotha, expressed high hopes that Nagas would excel in the field of comedy provided the profession is sought out after seriously.

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