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Landowners’ compensation rates halting development: BJP

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 12:52 am


THE exorbitant rates demanded by landowners are leading to growing difficult for the government to procure land for development, the Bharatiya Janata Party of Nagaland (BJP) says. The state cannot procure land for infrastructure such as roads, the BJP said in a press release received here today. The party has cautioned the public that it is the people themselves who lose out and not the government agencies.Leaders of the BJP met on October 22 at Bambasa in Dimapur. HK Bhorali, the BJP’s In-charge for North East, also attended the meeting. Some of the issues discussed were concerns regarding the problems faced by the government in procuring lands for developing important public infrastructures such as roads and their widening, new market complexes and offices.
“The central government has a fixed compensation rates at current market values for several items applicable nationwide which in itself over and above sufficiently cover the loss incurred to the land owners. However, the state today faces the major hurdle of procuring land for public infrastructures, specially road widening due to the excessive compensation demands by the land owners in the process of exerting their rights,” the party said in the press release. “This has become the stumbling block for any central agencies to implement several modern infrastructural development projects that otherwise had already been implemented in other states”.
In some cases, the BJP said, some projects had been withdrawn or are pending. “The people need to know that the loss is theirs because of their non cooperation and not the central government’s. BJP Nagaland was unanimous of the view that the people have to pave the way for further development by claiming reasonable rates of compensation as fixed by the centre and not otherwise.” Only then will the state move forward qualitatively, the party said.

BJP to busy in helping make statues
The BJP would also be doing is bit as part of the national party’s ambition to build a statue that is envisage to be ‘double the height’ of the Statue of Liberty in New York. The statue would be of former Indian Home minister Vallabbhai Sardar Patel which the part would be building and the Nagaland unit would be ‘contributing’ its bit.
The party shall also be organizing a Lok Sabha 2014 Election Rally as well as a Party Convention shortly.
The statue would be called the “Statue of Unity”, a mega statue of the Iron Man of India Vallabbhai Sardar Patel. Patel successfully brought together more than 600 erstwhile princely states of then post independent India, under the sovereignty of the Republic India. The statue is to be erected at Narmada in Gujarat.
The statue would be double the height of the Statue of Liberty, New York, the BJP asserted. “As per the directive of BJP National President Rajnath Singh, the BJP National has requested every citizen to contribute a piece of iron towards the making of this statue. The contribution of the piece of iron symbolizing that every citizen is a part of one whole nation built strong and tall,” the party said in its press release.
The BJP Nagaland has constituted a three-member committee to organize the collection through district committees. The BJP has requested every citizen of the state to contribute a small iron piece and give them to the BJP officials of their districts to have them submitted to Gujarat before 1st January, 2014, the party said.

By EMN Updated: Oct 23, 2013 12:52:18 am