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Wednesday, May 22, 2024
Kohima, Nagaland

Laity reminded of faith and renewal on Easter

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Mar 31, 2024 7:38 pm
Parishioners of St. Francis de Sales Parish participating in a solemn procession during the Holy Week in Kohima town. (EMN)

KOHIMA — Numerous members of St. Francis de Sales (SFS) Parish joyously celebrated Easter on Sunday in Kohima town.

Delivering sermon during the mass, Rev. Fr. Mathew Mhabemo Humtsoe, parish priest emphasised the significance of Easter Sunday and the meaningful insights found in God through Jesus. He highlighted the natural inclination to seek answers from God during times of adversity, identifying similarities to Jesus’ cry on the cross, “My God! My God! Why have you abandoned me?”

Fr. Mathew stressed the transformation of silence into a meaningful response on Easter Sunday, symbolised by the discovery of the empty tomb of Christ.

“Meaningless silence on Good Friday became a meaningful answer. Abba Father picked up the Good Friday story and raised His Son from the dead,” said the priest.

He underscored the importance of patience in waiting for God’s answers, reassuring the congregation that Almighty is not offended by their questions. He encouraged continued prayer and hope by relying on God saying that His plan would unfold in its own time and bring new perspectives and understanding.

In another mass celebrated on Easter Sunday at the parish, Rev. Fr. Vinod Varghese, the assistant priest, delivered a sermon by emphasising the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

He conveyed the message that the resurrection symbolises God’s intervention in one’s life particularly on the third day, offering hope and renewal even in moments of despair.

Drawing references from the Bible, Fr. Vinod highlighted the transformative power of resurrection, which surpasses the decay and limitations of human existence. Emphasising the idea of overcoming obstacles such as sin and persecution through faith in the risen Christ, he urged believers to embrace the Easter spirit, striving to embody the resurrection experience in their own lives and becoming living testimonies of Christ’s victory over death.

Parish priests presided over the liturgical celebrations throughout the Holy Week including Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the Easter Vigil on Saturday and Easter Sunday.

The solemn observances marked key events in the Christian faith beginning with Palm Sunday and continuing through Holy Monday, Holy Tuesday, Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.

By Menuse-O Max Khieya Updated: Mar 31, 2024 7:38:00 pm
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