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Lady missionary and minor student subjected to militancy

By EMN Updated: Dec 22, 2013 1:06 am

Dimapur, December 21

In an unwarranted and barbaric incident two women and passengers from Dimapur to Zunheboto via Satakha route were physically tortured early on December 21, reports the Zunheboto Daily.The passenger taxi, which regularly plies to and fro between Dimapur -Zunheboto, was delayed owing to technical error and reached Aghilito village junction near Satakha town at around 2 am .The taxi was halted by four heavily armed miscreants,who on the pretext of MV checking, physically abused and tortured the driver and all the passengers including a lady missionary, a minor school girl, others, it reported.On hearing the news of the incident, the report states the Sumi frontal bodies namely Sumi Hoho, Sumi Totimi Hoho (STH)- apex mother’s body, Sumi Kukami Hoho (GBs) etc rushed to the victims’ residence and took detailed statement from the victims.
The driver in his statement according to the daily disclosed that the four heavily armed gunmen searched and ransacked the vehicle randomly but no illegal items were recovered. The gunmen later took him into the jungle, mercilessly beat him with sticks and gun butts and was questioned irrationally alleging that he was a bootlegger and a pimp.
Two female passengers – a lady missionary of Fire & Wind ministry, Arunachal Pradesh, and a minor girl, HSLC student, were taken to an isolated place and were physically abused. The miscreants allegedly ordered the female victim to take off their pants, clothes and under garments; and reportedly molested by the gunmen disclosed the lady victim.
The women too were beaten mercilessly with sticks alleging that they were prostitutes and flesh traders. They were even questioned at gun point states the Zunheboto daily.
“The ID cards were also shown to the gunmen but they never stopped the assault and rather resorted to blank fire warning them of dire consequences if their orders were not heeded,” lamented the victims. The other victims included a teacher and non local church construction workers/ labors who have refrained from putting out any statements.
The apex bodies after going through the statements of the victims have vehemently condemned the inhuman, vulgar and barbaric act of those unruly gunmen/ cadres under the guise of national workers stating that such act will not be tolerated or compromised.
The bodies vowed to capture those accused and award befitting punishment saying, “any individual or organisation found sheltering those criminals will face dire consequences.”
After a joint inquiry, the bodies had confirmed that those 4 (four) unruly gunmen are allegedly from a Naga militant group. However, the identity of the individuals could not be ascertained till the filing of the report, adds the Zunheboto Daily.

By EMN Updated: Dec 22, 2013 1:06:39 am